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How does the Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism interact with the certification process?

In cases where a complaint relates to the actions of a member’s certified operations (i.e. potential non-conformity against the Bonsucro standards), CEDR will send a request for information to the licensed certification body in charge of the audit and certification of the Member. The conditions surrounding certification information sharing and use are covered in section […]

How is processing a complaint via the Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism funded?

The Bonsucro’s contract with CEDR is based on fixed fees for each step in the Grievance Mechanism. For the second financial year (April 2021 –March 2022), Bonsucro has allocated a budget to finance the setup costs and subsidise CEDR’s case handling fees. A rate card can be provided by CEDR during the initial scoping phase. […]

Does the Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism provide access to remedy?

Bonsucro is working with its members to ensure that best practice guidance and case studies are shared and embedded into members’ approach of responding to environmental and social impacts. The Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism facilitate access to non-judicial remedy in accordance with its Rules.

How transparent is the Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism?

Each complaint will be given a unique tracking number and Bonsucro will publish the initial scoping decision and the conclusion of the mediation and a statement on the resolution. For more information on the details that will be published by Bonsucro, please visit Section 17 of the Grievance Mechanism Rules.

How will Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism fulfil an educational role?

The public consultation highlighted the role that the Grievance Mechanism could play in educating stakeholders about mitigating environmental and social impacts and ensuring continuous improvement of sugarcane processing, production and sourcing. Bonsucro will carry out webinars at regular intervals and engage other organisations to raise awareness about the Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism and the options included […]

How accessible is the Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism?

In line with the UNGP on Business and Human Rights Effectiveness Criteria, Bonsucro has identified alternative options available to raise concerns in the Bonsucro Complaints and Grievances Management System – see Bonsucro’s website here. During this pilot phase, Bonsucro will investigate potential partnerships with other organisations and work towards developing a Grievance Mechanism Support Group […]

Why Bonsucro integrate mediation in its Grievance Mechanism?

There was significant support to use mediation to facilitate early resolution of complaints. Bringing parties together early in the dispute process is proven to be more effective at resolving disputes compared with drawn out adversarial and adjudicative processes. Mediation provides a flexible process allowing the parties to fully air their issues and reach a negotiated […]

What is the scope of application of the Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism?

The Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism only applies to Bonsucro members. Complaints relating to criminal and urgent matters are not out of scope, however it is likely that Bonsucro is not the right organisation to adjudicate on these matters. Therefore, Bonsucro encourages complainants to approach more relevant authorities to address criminal and urgent matters.