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Our global network brings together over 300 members from more than 50 countries to address critical challenges in the sugarcane sector

Thanks for considering Bonsucro Membership. On this page you’ll find the application form and everything else you need to know before applying. If you have any questions, please get in touch with a member of the Bonsucro team.

Please read the Membership Application Procedure for full details of the membership application process.

By applying to join Bonsucro you agree to abide by the Bonsucro Code of Conduct. As part of the Code of Conduct, Bonsucro carries out a due diligence process on applicant members in accordance with the Membership Due Diligence Process.

Once we’ve processed your application, you’ll enter a ‘Candidacy period’ for 30 days in which Bonsucro carries out its due diligence checks. In addition, during this time, people will also be able to comment on your application. Once the due diligence is complete, we will be in touch to inform you of the outcome of the process. Once your membership has been approved, we’ll raise an invoice for the relevant membership category (see below for the fee structure) and you’ll become a full member of Bonsucro upon payment of your invoice.

Membership Categories
Bonsucro membership categories are based on your primary business (by revenue)*. See below for the membership categories:

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        FarmerA person, co-operative, company or comparable entity whose primary business is the growing and harvesting of sugarcane.
        Farmer AssociationOrganisations that support farmers in pursuing their individual and collective interests. The most common types of farmer associations are national or regional farmer associations.
        IndustrialA Company whose primary business is the processing of sugarcane to produce sugarcane derived products such as sugar, ethanol, molasses,etc. Businesses that own and operate more than a single sugarcane mill can either apply for membership for the whole group or only 1 mill under their control. Stand alone refineries are not considered industrial members
        Mill AssociationOrganisations that support Millers in pursuing their individual and collective interests. The most common types of mill associations are national or regional mill associations.
        Civil SocietyNot-for-profit organisations and institutions that advocate for the betterment of the sugarcane industry and its stakeholders; examples include (but are not limited to) universities, research institutes, trade unions, community groups, advocacy groups, INGOs, etc.
        IntermediaryA company whose primary business involves adding value or providing services to the sugarcane industry. Examples include (but not limited to) input providers (agrochemical, irrigation, equipment, technology), standalone refineries, bottlers, financial institutions; insurance providers, etc. Retailers; who only sell other companies products (such as sugar or manufactured products) and/or their own brand of sugar are considered intermediaries.
        Intermediary (Trader)A company whose primary business involves buying and selling (trading) sugarcane-derived products. National sugar marketing boards are not considered traders.
        End UserA company whose primary business involves selling processed, manufactured or packaged goods to final consumers. Examples include (but are not limited to) FMCGs, energy companies, food manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, etc. Retailers who sell private label products (excluding bagged sugars) are also considered end users
        Franchise Credit BuyerAn entity operating a Franchise business, including Franchise Owned Bottling Operations (FOBOs), with an active Franchise Agreement with a Bonsucro End User Member (Franchisor)

*Primary business means the highest income-generating activity

Membership Fees
Fees for Bonsucro membership are payable annually and differ depending on the nature of your business. See below for the membership fees:

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        Bonsucro Membership Fees

        Membership ClassM/ship Sub ClassVariableAnnual Fee (GBP)Annual Fee (USD)
        Civil SocietyCivil Society 'a'Area - Southern (based in non-OECD countries)£200
        Civil Society 'b'Area - Northern (based in OECD countries)£2,000
        IndustrialIndustrial 'a'Crush Capacity < 1 million tonnes$950
        Industrial 'b'Crush Capacity 1 - 5 million tonnes $5,700
        Industrial 'c'Crush Capacity > 5 million tonnes $11,350
        Mill Association$200
        IntermediaryIntermediary - Small TraderTurnover USD <$ 500,000£650
        Intermediary - Trader 'a'Turnover USD $ 500,000 - 2 million£3,000
        Intermediary - Trader 'b'Turnover USD $ 2.01 - 10 million£4,000
        Intermediary - Trader 'c'Turnover USD $ 10.01 - 50 million£5,000
        Intermediary - Trader 'd'Turnover USD $ 50.01 - 250 million£6,000
        Intermediary - Trader 'e'Turnover USD $ 250.01 - 750 million£7,400
        Intermediary - Trader 'f'Turnover USD $ 750.01 - 1.5 billion£13,200
        Intermediary - Trader 'g'Turnover USD $ > 1.5 billion£26,000
        Intermediary - SmallTurnover USD <$ 500,000£650
        Intermediary 'a'Turnover USD $ 500,000 - 2 million£1,800
        Intermediary 'b'Turnover USD $ 2.01 - 10 million£2,400
        Intermediary 'c'Turnover USD $ 10.01 - 50 million£3,000
        Intermediary 'd'Turnover USD $ 50.01 - 250 million£3,600
        Intermediary 'e'Turnover USD $ 250.01 - 750 million£4,440
        Intermediary 'f'Turnover USD $ 750.01 - 1.5 billion£7,920
        Intermediary 'g'Turnover USD $ > 1.5 billion£15,600
        End UserEnd User - Small 'a'Turnover USD $0 - 2 million£650
        End User - Small 'b'Turnover USD $2.01 million to 50 million£2,400
        End User - Small 'c'Turnover USD $50.01 million - 250 million£3,600
        End User 'a'Turnover USD $250.01 million to 749.99 million£11,100
        End User 'b'Turnover USD $ 750 million to 1.5 billion£19,800
        End User 'c'Turnover USD $ > 1.5 billion£39,000
        End user – High turnover and low sugarcane exposureTurnover above $250 million and sugarcane use* below 500,000 tonnes / year£7,350
        *To calculate your total sugarcane use, please access the Bonsucro Conversion Tool at the bottom of the linked pageBonsucro Conversion Tool
        The sugarcane use threshold considers the total usage of sugarcane-derived products by the applicant organisation, including any outsourced or external procurement of sugarcane-derived products
        Franchise Credit Buyer£2,000
        FarmerFarmer 'a'Area - < 100 HectaresNo Charge
        Farmer 'b'Area - 101 - 1,000 Hectares$50
        Farmer 'c'Area - 1001 - 5,000 Hectares$150
        Farmer 'd'Area - 5001 - 10,000 Hectares$450
        Farmer 'e'Area - 10,001 - 30,000 Hectares$550
        Farmer 'f'Area - 30,001 - 50,000 Hectares$850
        Farmer 'g'Area - > 50,001 & Over Hectares $1,000
        Farmer Association$200

Please click Application Form REFERENCE for a reference pdf copy of the application form This document is for reference purposes only and demonstrates what the application form contains. Anyone applying for Bonsucro Membership must apply online below.