Monthly Archives: September 2018

Bonsucro is revising its Chain of Custody Standard

Bonsucro’s Chain of Custody Standard ensures the traceability of sustainability claims along the supply chain from the farm to the end user. Since its launch in 2011, 38 certificates have been issued to organisations in over 15 countries. In order to ensure that the Standard is robust, efficient and matches the needs of the industry, Bonsucro is embarking […]

Take part in the consultation on the Bonsucro Endorsement Protocol

We’re launching the second consultation round on the Protocol, a process that will be used by Bonsucro to recognise and endorse Local Improvement Programmes (LIPs).  The Endorsement component of the B&E Programme is designed to support the uptake of the Bonsucro Principles and Criteria for the sustainable production of sugarcane-based products. It creates a framework for buyers, […]