Monthly Archives: January 2017

Introducing Bonsucro Connect

Bonsucro is delighted to announce the launch of a new IT platform, Bonsucro Connect. How does this benefit you as a producer, buyer or partner for change? The supply chains that carry sugarcane products to their final destinations are often global, incredibly complex and difficult to analyse. Producers of sustainable sugarcane-derived products have an opportunity […]

Bonsucro Week 2016

Last year’s Bonsucro Week brought together a global group of dedicated sugarcane thought leaders in London. The week started with a guided tour of the Docklands Gallery in the Museum of London, focusing in particular on the the historical relationship between London, sugar, and slavery. The theme of the next day was Learn, Share, Connect. Talks […]

Bonsucro Week 2014

Highlights from Bonsucro Week 2014 Since its inception, Bonsucro has held an annual event to bring together its diverse membership from around the globe. These events have taken Bonsucro to a number of countries around the world – Brazil, Puerto Rico, Australia and India, have all, amongst others, hosted Bonsucro’s annual event. 2013 saw Bonsucro’s […]

Bonsucro Week 2013

Monday 4th November Bonsucro Week 2013 began with much excitement as 60 delegates eagerly hopped on the two coaches destined for the heart of the US sugar industry.  The delegates, who represented all actors of the sugarcane supply chain, joined the Bonsucro team to visit a number of locations in the Louisiana countryside. Green-liveried John […]