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Meet our team. Learn more about our Board of Directors, Members' Council and Technical Advisory Board.

Meet Bonsucro

Danielle Morley
Danielle leads the team in maintaining Bonsucro as the leading global platform for sugarcane sustainability.
Danielle has a range of sector expertise in palm oil, water, forests, climate change, and human rights. Prior to her appointment at Bonsucro in 2018, Danielle was European Director of Outreach and Engagement at Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, and Executive Director of the Freshwater Action Network at WaterAid. Danielle also sits on the Board for ISEAL – the global membership organisation for credible sustainability standards. She is a qualified English lawyer and holds a master's degree in Environmental Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Law.

Standards and Assurance

Aleyda Carrillo Bustamante
Director of Standards and Assurance
Aleyda leads the development of Bonsucro Standards and keeps Bonsucro at the forefront of sustainability in sugarcane.
Previously, Aleyda spent 12 years working for UTZ and Rainforest Alliance, two supported standard setting organisations. She mainly worked in the Standards and Assurance Department, developing standards and improving the assurance systems, but also has experience with project management, good agricultural practices, social issues, assurance, training, and risk identification and management.
Paula de Donati Porto
Standards Manager
Paula develops and reviews the Bonsucro Standards and Guidance for Production, Smallholders and Chain of Custody and ensures compliance with ISEAL codes of good practice.
Previously, Paula worked as lead auditor and technical manager assistant at a certification body. There, she gained extensive experience in audits focused on sustainability for agricultural commodities, including the Bonsucro scheme. She has also experience in quality management systems, accreditation on ISO 17065, internal audits as well as experience delivery trainings on sustainability certification schemes.
Leticia Millward
Standards Manager
Leticia is responsible for the development, maintenance, and revision of the Bonsucro Standards, ensuring compliance with the ISEAL codes of good practice.
Leticia previously worked managing the development, maintenance, and operational implementation of ESG standards for a membership organisation. She is experienced in stakeholder engagement for setting strategic direction of sustainability initiatives, project management and development/delivering of training sessions.
Carla Durão
Assurance Manager
Carla is responsible for managing Bonsucro's Assurance Program, including the certification and auditing policies and protocols. Carla also develops the network of Bonsucro’s licensed Certification Bodies and Training Providers around the world.
Carla has an extensive history with certification, starting in 2005 as an auditor, before becoming a reviewer and working on quality management systems. Her degree was in veterinary medicine.
Matthew Sullivan
Data Manager
Matthew drives forward the development of the Certification Data Management Strategy, improving data collection methodologies and ensuring that data is integrated across all systems and products.
Matthew has worked across the sustainability and agriculture sectors in the UK and overseas, in a management and training capacity. Working with a diverse range of people from smallholders, construction workers, business owners and students he has advocated the benefits and necessity of sustainability. His wide technology experience ranges from database, infrastructure, and website development to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design and management.
Nisha Mundanthara Suresh Babu
Data Coordinator
Nisha unlocks new value from data and analytics by improving data collection methodologies and tools. Nisha also supports the reporting of data, providing Bonsucro members with more accessible and shareable data insights.
Nisha is a data professional with extensive teaching experience, having worked as a computer science professor. Her interests include data analysis, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP).
Suada Jama
Administrative Assistant
Suada coordinates the processing of assurance-related queries, and manages the collection of assurance-related data and information. Suada also assists with the administration of the Technical Advisory Board.

Engagement and Markets

Norma Tregurtha
Director of Engagement and Markets
Norma focuses on increasing the demand for Bonsucro certified sugarcane products and strengthening our global profile.
Previously Norma was the Director of Policy and Partnerships at ISEAL where she helped business leaders, policy makers and civil society organisations understand how they can use standards and certification to build sustainable supply chains. Norma has a background in agricultural development and smallholder livelihoods.
Rafael Seixas
Senior Membership Manager
Rafael is responsible for ensuring value to members, developing the membership engagement strategy and demonstrating impacts to stakeholders, driving uptake and commitment.
Rafael has worked for Bonsucro for over 10 years. Previously, he was a Chevening scholar at University College London and worked for 4 years as International Relations Advisor to the City Hall of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Nadia Khan
Membership and Markets Coordinator
Nadia works closely with members and candidate members, to build strong relationships and offer support with Bonsucro's membership and due diligence process.
Nadia has prior experience in sustainability, the public sector, food and drink certification, healthcare and education.
Liz Foggitt
Communications and Events Manager
Liz oversees all of Bonsucro’s communications, increasing brand awareness and keeping members informed of key information. Liz also organises and oversees Bonsucro events.
Liz has more than a decade of experience working in communications across the charity, social enterprise, membership, and for-profit sectors. Before working at Bonsucro, she worked at Twin, a charity that empowers smallholder farming communities through training on business development, sustainable agriculture, and gender justice in coffee, nuts, and cocoa value chains. Liz also spent over five years working as a Publishing, Marketing and Events Manager.
Beth Naylor-Smith
Communications and Events Coordinator
Beth supports the development, execution and evaluation of Bonsucro’s international communications strategy. Beth also assists Liz with the organisation of events.
Before joining Bonsucro, Beth worked in marketing and events in the charity sector. Her academic background is in Natural Sciences, where she specialised in nanoscience.
Eden Statham
Administrative and Research Support Consultant
Eden consults on a variety of projects including market research, processing member annual reports, developing communications tools, and understanding Bonsucro’s reach and influence.
Eden has a background in Mathematics, with previous experience in data, statistics, communications and events.

International Programmes

Duncan Rhind
Director of International Programmes
Duncan leads and develops Bonsucro’s work across the regional teams to maximise our collective impact.
A biologist by background, Duncan has worked in international development for his whole career in countries such as Sudan, Somalia, Mali, Egypt and most recently in Zambia and Tanzania. While he has worked in a range of sectors, the bulk of his experience has been with smallholder agriculture and using market-based approaches to effect sustainable change for this sector.
Sophie O’Loghlen-Vidot
Impact Funding Manager
Sophie is responsible for the management of the Bonsucro Impact Fund and supporting the Project Selection Committee. She also works in developing further funding opportunities for impact projects.
Previously, Sophie spent twelve years working for international development charities. Sophie speaks French and Spanish.

Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean

Ruth Ascencio
Regional Head, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean
Ruth heads up our regional work looking after members in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean, and developing a strategy to maximise Bonsucro's impact in the region.
Ruth has more than 20 years of experience in the food industry, training and advising agro-industrial companies about their management systems. Since 2012 Ruth has supported the implementation of sustainable practices in the sugar cane sector of Mexico and Central America while helping large multinational organizations like WWF and Coca-Cola to meet their sustainability goals.
Benjamin Sandoval
Country Manager, Mexico
Benjamin leads Bonsucro’s impact in Mexico and supports our members in the region.
Benjamin has been working on projects within the Mexican sugar sector since 2012, focused on the implementation of good practices for compliance with Human and Labour Rights in farms, and the improvement of health, safety, and productivity conditions in sugarcane cutting. He has expertise in rural work issues, social development projects, and agroecology.
Jorge Rodriguez
Mexico Coordinator
Jorge works closely with members, supporting our operations and raising Bonsucro’s profile in Mexico.
Jorge has 15 years of experience in the sugar sector in Mexico, working with different areas of the supply chain. He has worked with Bonsucro since 2013 as a producer and member. Jorge is a specialist in HR processes, manuals and certifications, with 25 years of experience working on projects supporting the growth of organisations in various sectors.

South America

Livia Ignácio
Regional Head, South America
Livia assists more than 80 members and promotes Bonsucro's value proposition across the region, working with a wide range of organisations, from farmers to end-users.
Livia has been delivering positive impact across sustainability, consultancy, and sugarcane industries for over ten years. Prior to Bonsucro, she previously worked for large sugarcane mills groups and had experience with the implementation of the Bonsucro certification system.
Natalia Pinheiro Cêra
Brazil Coordinator
Natalia works closely with members, supporting our operations and raising Bonsucro’s profile in Brazil.
Natalia has worked in the sugar and ethanol sector for 12 years, in areas including, environment and sustainability, implementation of sustainability standards, carrying out licensing projects, and environmental legislation. For three years, she was a lead auditor for Bonsucro and Renovabio certification Standards.

Asia Pacific

Ritu Baruah
Country Manager, India and Pakistan
Ritu leads Bonsucro’s impact in India and supports our members and the wider industry to achieve sustainable production that is line with India’s commitment to the sustainability agenda.
Ritu has been working closely with the farming communities for over two decades. Her connection with agriculture goes back to the time when organic cotton was being piloted in India with a group of just 150 farmers in 1992. She was the President of the bioRe Association.

Africa and the Middle East

Mike Ogg
Interim Regional Head for Africa and the Middle East
Mike is responsible for member support and management, as well as promoting Bonsucro's value proposition across the region. He is also part of the team developing the Smallholder Roadmap.
Michael Ogg is currently based in Eswatini where he has lived ever since moving there, to work on a large sugarcane development project 23 years ago. He has a BSc Agric (Horticulture) and an MBA. He has over 30 years of professional experience in the development of farmers’ organizations as part of large agricultural infrastructure projects in many different African countries. He is involved with a number of wildlife and conservation initiatives in Eswatini


Corporate Services

Laura Fisher
Director of Corporate Services
Laura Fisher oversees and manages many aspects of Bonsucro such as financial services, governance, technology and impacts.
Previously, Laura worked in the International Development sector for over 11 years, focussing on child rights and education in Africa and Asia. Since obtaining her Master’s in Development Management, she has worked with two international charities focused on child protection, where she worked closely with local partner organisations in Africa and Asia.
Laura Ferreira
Impact and Insight Manager
Laura is responsible for developing the organisation’s Monitoring & Evaluation Framework, reporting our impact, and supporting Bonsucro as a learning organisation.
Laura has a keen interest in international development, sustainability and environmental stewardship and has worked in a range of international contexts. She has also spent many years delivering capacity building support, public health initiatives, and grassroots action within London communities.
Alan Ward
Senior Finance & Risk Manager
Alan manages all of Bonsucro’s financial services, including membership fees, credit trading income, and operating expenditure.
With a background in finance and accounting, Alan brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience in financial leadership and risk management to Bonsucro. In 2021 Alan was appointed to ISEAL’s Finance Committee. He has a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Oxford.
Marta Castelli
Finance & Administration Coordinator
Marta supports members with their membership fees and credit trading payments, maintains the sales, purchases and general ledgers, as well as processing payroll for Bonsucro staff and smooth running of office facilities.
Marta has previous experience working in the coffee industry. She has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management and a master's degree in Innovation Management. In parallel with her work, she is currently studying towards the ACCA Certification in accounting. Marta is from Venice, Italy and she speaks Italian, English, and a bit of Spanish.
Simon Levi
HR Business Partner
Simon is Bonsucro's HR expert, managing the delivery of our People Strategy, driving staff engagement and embedding company culture.
Simon has worked across numerous large organisations, from ITV to David Lloyd and Ford Motor Company. As a qualified HR professional he is passionate about employees having the best support possible through HR, and how this translates into driving the organisation's mission forward.


Board of Directors

Bonsucro’s Board of Directors is responsible for all actions and activity of Bonsucro, although for practical purposes it delegates day-to-day responsibility of managing the organisation to the CEO and Secretariat team.

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Members’ Council

The representative body of the membership. It acts as a reference and sounding board for the Board of Directors, allowing members to have a say on the issues that matter to them.

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Technical Advisory Board (TAB)

Providing leadership and insights around global standards and other technical issues.

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