Why join Bonsucro?

Bonsucro is the leading global sustainability standard for sugarcane and its many derivatives. We are a global force for sustainability in the sugarcane world, focusing on climate action, human rights and value in the supply chain.

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Your membership will include:

  • Direct access to the Bonsucro team in the United Kingdom, Brazil, India, Thailand and Mexico
  • Use of the Credit Trading Platform – a revolutionary tool connecting sugarcane buyers and producers
  • Full access to the Bonsucro Calculator supporting the latest version of the Bonsucro Production Standard
  • Additional practical tools and resources you can use to understand your sustainability status and identify areas you can improve
  • Technical advice on sustainability in sugarcane production and supply chains
  • Dedicated membership management, including consultations with Bonsucro staff and detailed action plans
  • The ability to talk about your sustainability credentials with confidence
  • Membership to a credible global network

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Certified Sugarcane

Since 2011 we have certified more than 800 million tonnes of sugarcane.

That means 800 million more tonnes of sugarcane that is now produced in a sustainable way – both environmentally and socially. Producers can prove their sustainable credentials, and buyers know the quality of the sugarcane they are getting.

Change is happening right now – and you can be part of it.

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If you would like an in-depth introduction to Bonsucro, and to hear more about how you can play a part in our network, then get in touch! Our Senior Membership Manager, Rafael, would love to speak to you.

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