Monthly Archives: May 2022

Bonsucro Production Standard (v5.1) transition period

The new Bonsucro Production Standard, V5.1, was published in January after a comprehensive consultation and revision process. To help our members prepare to implement the new Standard, we created seven free to access training modules in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We also held a series of virtual question and answer sessions so that members could […]

Alcoholes del Uruguay lanzó un proyecto para certificar su ingenio

Alcoholes del Uruguay S.A. (ALUR), es una empresa agroindustrial de Uruguay, la cual lanzó un proyecto en colaboración con Solidaridad y Bonsucro para certificar su ingenio Bella Unión y aproximadamente 300 productores cañeros.  La caña de azúcar suministrada a ALUR es de productores abarcando de 5 a 200 hectáreas. Por lo tanto, el reto es […]

ALUR aims to adopt sustainable practices in Uruguay

Alcoholes del Uruguay S.A. (ALUR), an agro-industrial company in Uruguay, has launched a project in partnership with Solidaridad and Bonsucro to certify its mill, Bella Union, and almost 300 farmers. The sugarcane supplied to ALUR is produced by farmers on land ranging from 5 to 200 hectares. As such, the goal is to certify against […]