Monitoring & Evaluation

Sustainability is a journey

At Bonsucro, we are continuously working to improve the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of sugarcane production and its uses. Just as we support members with the monitoring and improvement of their sustainability, we are committed to learning, adapting and improving as an organisation. 

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E), impact assessment and learning are essential parts of Bonsucro’s activities. In the Bonsucro Strategic Plan 2021-2026, Bonsucro committed to develop an improved monitoring and evaluation and learning (MEL) system for Bonsucro to measure impact and progress against our global targets. To ensure continuous improvement, Bonsucro has a development plan for the system, including plans to develop tools and processes, and improve visibility and accessibility for stakeholders. 

Bonsucro MEL Resources


Bonsucro Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Framework

This MEL Framework provides practical information to guide the implementation of M&E at Bonsucro. It is an operational document that will continue to evolve as Bonsucro expands its MEL capabilities. The primary audience of this framework are the Bonsucro staff team and Governance stakeholders.   


Bonsucro Theory of Change

The Theory of Change describes the activities, outputs and outcomes that drive us towards Bonsucros central purpose as a platform to collectively accelerate the sustainable production and uses of sugarcane.  

This diagram depicts Bonsucro’s overarching Theory of Change, aligned with the Strategic Plan 2021-2026. A more detailed set of complementary results chains will be available later in the year.


Priority Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation

This document provides a summary of priority KPIs aligned with the Bonsucro Strategy Global IndicatorsThey draw primarily on monitoring data collected by Certified Entities and verified by Certification Bodies. 


Bonsucro’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) System Report

The Bonsucro MEL System Report provides an overview of the MEL practices and tools employed by Bonsucro.  The report also supports Bonsucro’s compliance with the ISEAL Impacts Code. 

Bonsucro Outcome Report

Every year, Bonsucro publishes its Outcome Report to provide stakeholders with a view on key improvements achieved by the sustainable sugarcane sector, made of operators which participate in the Bonsucro platform and/or achieve Bonsucro certification. It is based on analyses carried out by the Bonsucro secretariat using different sources of data. The report seeks to assess key indicators to provide an evaluation of the performance of the organisation in delivering impact, and to identify the measurable outcomes achieved by operators. 


Download the Bonsucro Outcome Report 2021

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For further information or if you have any comments about Bonsucro’s M&E system, please contact Laura Ferreira, Impacts and Insights Manager, via the email