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What is the Bonsucro Production Standard?


The Bonsucro Production Standard is at the heart of everything we do and a direct expression of the Bonsucro Strategic Plan.  The Standard drives notable positive impact and is the most globally recognised framework for sustainable sugarcane production. It is a comprehensive, metric tool that enables farmers and millers to improve and certify their practices as sustainable – and offers buyers assurance when sourcing sugarcane and its derivatives. 

Bonsucro Production Standard v5.2 became binding on 2 December 2023, replacing v5.1.


Download the Bonsucro Production Standard v5.2 and its supporting documents

Bonsucro Production Standard v5.2





Implementation Guidance





             Download further tools and resources to support v5.2

Our online training course covering version 5.2, its supporting documents and the Bonsucro Calculator can be found here (in English, Spanish and Portuguese).


The Bonsucro Calculator

The Bonsucro Calculator is a framework that mills and their supplying areas use to track their sustainability efforts and measure their compliance with the Bonsucro Production Standard (BPS). Certification bodies also review the information reported in the Calculator as part of the audit process.

When we updated the BPS 5.2 we also updated the Bonsucro Calculator – specifically the part that covers GHG emissions. The Bonsucro Calculator is a copyrighted tool developed by Bonsucro and the latest version supporting BPS v5.2 will only be available to Bonsucro members. We have published a limited version of this Calculator that all stakeholders can download and use.

Both versions are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Download the Calculator


Bonsucro Production Standard v5.2

The Bonsucro Production Standard v5.2 was launched in July 2023, following an interim revision of v5.1. The standard is progressive and keeps Bonsucro at the forefront of sustainability in sugarcane. It includes new requirements to address critical global issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, water, biodiversity, and respect for workers’ rights in the sugarcane sector. 

Bonsucro carried out an interim revision of the Standard to improve the clarity of requirements within the standard and its alignment with the Implementation Guide.  You can find out more about the interim revision here.  Previous versions of the Standard can be requested from

You can find a summary of the changes from BPS v5.1 to BPS v5.2 here.

Additional options

Businesses can also choose to opt for additional options: 

  • Certify smallholder farmers as part of their supply base

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  • EU RED certification

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For all inquiries and feedback on any of the Bonsucro standards, revision processes or to request a hard copy of public summaries, standards or other related materials, please contact

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