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What is the Bonsucro Production Standard?


The Bonsucro Production Standard is at the heart of everything we do and a direct expression of the Bonsucro Strategic Plan.  The Standard drives notable positive impact and is the most globally recognised framework for sustainable sugarcane production. It is a comprehensive, metric tool that enables farmers and millers to improve and certify their practices as sustainable – and offers buyers assurance when sourcing sugarcane and its derivatives. 

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For Bonsucro Production Standard v4.2, please visit our QMS library.

Bonsucro Production Standard v5.1

The Bonsucro Production Standard v5.1 launched in January 2022 is progressive and keeps Bonsucro at the forefront of sustainably in sugarcane. It includes new requirements to address critical global issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, water, biodiversity, and respect for workers’ rights in the sugarcane sector.

Bonsucro Production Standard v5.1 launch webinars

Transition Policy

Until 1 December 2023, operators can choose to be audited against either Bonsucro Production Standard v4.2 or Bonsucro Production Standard v5.1. The preferred standard at Bonsucro is the Bonsucro Production Standard v5.1 which went through a credible multi-stakeholder revision process, including two public consultations. Bonsucro encourages operators to implement, be audited and be certified against Bonsucro Production Standard v5.1 during the transition period.

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Additional options

Businesses can also choose to opt for additional options: 

  • Certify smallholder farmers as part of their supply base

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  • EU RED certification

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Interim Revision

Bonsucro is carrying out an interim revision of Bonsucro Production Standard v5.1 to improve the clarity of requirements within the standard and its alignment with the Implementation GuideMore information about the interim revision process will be published in the coming weeks. 


Retrospective: Bonsucro Production Standard revision process  

Continuous improvement is core to our strategy. As such, Bonsucro carried out an external and independent review of the Bonsucro Production Standard Revision Process, to identify what worked well and what did not work quite so well, to capture the key learnings to improve similar processes in the future.  

To be impartial and objective, Bonsucro commissioned this retrospective to an external consultant, Aimee Russillo. She is an international independent expert in the area of social and environmental standards as a strategy for sustainable development, with over 25 years of experience in project and operations management. 

The review was carried out between August and September 2022 and was based on a survey, key stakeholder interviews and analysis of organisational documents. 

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