Monthly Archives: November 2021

COP26: highlights from our CEO

Written by Danielle Morley, CEO of Bonsucro. Attending COP26 was a stark reminder of the scale and pace of what needs to be done to avert catastrophic climate change and keep on track to 1.5C. Agriculture and the entire food system need to innovate and collaborate towards net zero by 2050.  At Bonsucro, we outlined in […]

Call for Proposals: Training Design Partner

Bonsucro’s fundamental purpose is to create lasting change in the sugarcane industry. Successful change requires training – to help people understand the reasons for change, to provide essential skills and knowledge, and to enable the development required for people to drive change effectively themselves.​ Bonsucro is inviting proposals to appoint an experienced training design partner […]

COP26 – The first week

Written by Danielle Morley, CEO of Bonsucro It’s ten years since I attended a UNFCCC summit. I’m eager to see the huge shifts that have taken place since Cancun, where I lobbied with the Water & Climate Coalition to put water on the agenda. It was considered a marginal issue!  And today, there are countless […]