Certification Tools

Below are the key tools you need to achieve Bonsucro certification.

Production Standard v5.1

Bonsucro Production Standard v5.1

Bonsucro Production Standard v5.1 – Summary of Changes

Bonsucro Production Standard v5.1 Implementation Guidance v1

Bonsucro Certification and Auditing Guidance v1

Bonsucro Calculator v5.1.4

High Conservation Value (HCV) Guidance


Production Standard v4.2

Production Standard v4.2

Guidance v4.2

Bonsucro Calculator v4.1.6


Production Standard for Smallholder Farmers

Production Standard for Smallholder Farmers v1.0

Bonsucro Calculator for Smallholder Farmers v1.1

Bonsucro Farm Diary


Chain of Custody Standard

Chain of Custody Standard, including guidance


Bonsucro EU RED Standard v1

This standard has been designed as a voluntary add-on to the Bonsucro Standards, and shall always be used in conjunction with the applicable Bonsucro Standards. It regroups requirements relating to Production, Mass Balance Chain of Custody, certification and audit process, and accreditation.



General tools

Bonsucro Production Standard Transition Policy v2.0

Bonsucro Certification Protocol v6

Certification protocol – auditing in the context of COVID-19

Bonsucro Climate Zone Map

Bonsucro Exemption Procedure

Template for Audit Data Collection v1


Errata document

QMS library

If you need any support, you can contact Bonsucro.