Monthly Archives: August 2021

First Bonsucro certification in Barbados

The West Indies Rum Distillery Limited (WIRD) is the first organisation in Barbados and the first distillery in the Caribbean to receive Bonsucro certification. WIRD was founded in 1893 and is just a few feet away from a tropical beach in Brighton, Black Rock, Barbados. The West Indies Rum Distillery has been producing rum for […]

IPCC report calls for urgent action on climate emergency

Response to the IPCC report Today the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published a report on the impact of climate change worldwide. The report comes with several warnings that we may exceed the global temperature increase of 1.5 degrees sooner than scientists originally expected. We are already seeing evidence of the climate emergency […]

Spinagro recebe a primeira certificação Bonsucro para Pequenos Produtores no Brasil

A empresa brasileira Spinagro, que produz mudas pré-brotadas de cana-de-açúcar, tornou-se a primeira empresa no Brasil a ser certificada pelo Padrão Bonsucro para Pequenos Produtores. É também o primeiro produtor nacional de mudas pré-brotadas (MPBs) do mundo com a certificação Bonsucro para Pequenos Produtores. Localizada na cidade de Batatais, no interior de São Paulo, a […]

Spinagro receives the first Bonsucro Smallholder certification in Brazil

Brazilian company Spinagro produces pre-sprouted sugarcane seedlings and has become the first organisation in the country to be certified against the Bonsucro Smallholder Standard. It is also the world’s first national producer of Bonsucro certified pre-sprouted seedlings (MPBs) to be certified against Bonsucro Smallholder Standard. Located in the city of Batatais, which is in the […]