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Highlights from 2022

Bonsucro is facilitating meaningful, long-term change in the sugarcane sector through its internationally recognised sustainability standards, training and resources.

The data shows that Bonsucro members who meet the requirements of the Bonsucro Production Standard improve their environmental impact and create safer, fairer working conditions on farms and mills.  The report also reveals that market demand for certified sugarcane derivatives grew in 2021-22.

Download the 2022 Outcome Report

Bonsucro certified sugarcane represented approximately 6.5% of global production

On average certified farms reduce land-management GHG emissions by 17% within five years

Almost 2000 new farmers became certified under the Smallholder Standard

196,200 workers worldwide are covered by the human rights measures detailed in the Production Standard

Certified mills reduce water consumption by an average of 41% after five years of certification

Certified farms pay 19% above the national minimum wage

Trade of certified sugar rose by 54% on the previous year

Production volumes of certified molasses increased by 88% on the previous year

More than 131,000 farm workers received personal protective equipment from their employers

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