Sugarcane is at the heart of Bonsucro.

Sugarcane is a remarkable plant. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Sugarcane is big

It's the largest agricultural plant by biomass

Sugarcane is energetic

It's a trusted renewable fuel source

Sugarcane is global

It's grown in over 100 countries

Sugarcane is social

Its production supports millions of people worldwide

Sugarcane is efficient

It's great at turning sunlight into chemical energy

Sugarcane is versatile

It has too many applications to count!

Sugarcane is electric

Its fibre can generate electrical power

Sugarcane is reducible

It's able to be broken down into many useful components

Our members care about sugarcane too

Many of the world’s most reputable companies and civil society organisations are already on board and committed to Bonsucro.

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