Bonsucro Strategic Plan 2021 - 2026 Changing for Good

Our five-year strategy for Bonsucro builds on the achievements and progress of recent years, blends experience with new approaches, recognises where we need to do better, and sets an agenda for continuous improvement based on rigorous monitoring, evaluation and learning.

The full strategy can be found here and links to summary documents are at the bottom of the page in English, Spanish and Portuguese. For the launch, we hosted a number of webinars, the recordings are all available here.

The strategy is built around a newly defined Purpose and three Strategic Aims, against which we can measure progress over time through focused Lead Indicators. Implementation is designed around five strategic Priorities and delivered through six Activities, underpinned by four core Principles.

These are shown in the strategy circle below:


Our Statement of Purpose expresses our core reason for being and the overarching goal that drives our strategic priorities and choices.

To collectively accelerate the sustainable production and uses of sugarcane

This statement captures our role as a catalyst for market transformation, driving the production and uptake of sustainable sugarcane – across sugar, ethanol, molasses, and bagasse value chains. It also expresses our position as a global sustainability platform, working collaboratively with farmers, millers, traders, end users, civil society, government and other sustainability initiatives to scale sustainability across the sector and landscapes.

Unlike other sustainability initiatives, Bonsucro focuses exclusively on sugarcane and all its end-products. It does so on a global basis with a strong local presence in the countries that produce, use and consume the most sugarcane and its products.


Core principles

Our four Core Principles guide our operational choices and decision-making in implementing our Strategic Aims and Priorities.


Collaboration is central to our identity as a multi-stakeholder initiative with a global membership drawn from all parts of the sugarcane sector with an interest in sustainability. Our success as a standard and as a platform requires us to convene, learn and share with like-minded organisations.


We need to be inclusive to drive sector transformation. This includes engaging with workers, mills, farmers, and producer communities; enabling sustainability improvements outside of certification; and aligning and co-operating with strategic partners, other sustainability standards systems and government agencies for collective benefit.


Transparency and the credibility of our standards, assurance, MEL and impact reporting are vital to our work. We adhere fully to the ISEAL Credibility Principles, embraced by other leading sustainability standards systems working to bring about positive social, environmental and economic impacts, while decreasing negative impacts.


Sugarcane production and uses are highly impacted by landscapes, economies, markets, culture, and governments. Sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement. We will adapt our offering and approach to different contexts and, wherever possible, devolve responsibility to our people and partners on the ground. We will strengthen our organisational adaptability and resilience to ensure we can pivot to respond to unforeseen events and crises.

Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

Our three Strategic Aims correspond to the three pillars of sustainable development and define how we will contribute to the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To download the strategy please click on one of the images below:

Bonsucro strategic plan (full)

English Summary

Plan estratégico de Bonsucro (español)

Plano estratégico da Bonsucro (português)