Monthly Archives: February 2021

Call for proposals: Credit Impact Fund

Bonsucro is inviting proposals for qualified experts to work with the Senior Leadership, CEO and Bonsucro Members’ Council to develop the Bonsucro Credit Fund, for approval by the Board of Directors. The Impact Fund it is a key component of the new 5-year Strategic Plan 2026, which will be finalised by March 2021.  The Fund is to be used to invest in initiatives […]

Water, rest, shade and sanitation: training to maintain a healthy and productive workforce

Cutting sugarcane requires high physical exertion under intense heat which is considered a high health risk. However, key changes on farms during harvest can help to protect workers’ health. Bonsucro has partnered with Vinmonopolet to offer training on implementing a water, rest and shade protocol and sanitation to protect workers from chronic kidney disease. The […]

Pilot phase begins in Good Practice, Better Finance project

Bonsucro in South Africa is leading the Good practice, Better finance project funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) through the ISEAL Innovations Fund. The project aims to develop a new methodology to assess the sustainability performance of farmers by using existing voluntary sustainability standards. The project uses Bonsucro for sugarcane production, […]