Monthly Archives: May 2018

New Smallholder Standard Nearing Completion

We’re excited to let you know that, with considerable support and input from Bonsucro members and key stakeholders, the Bonsucro Production Standard and Calculator for Smallholder Farmers are in the final stages of development. The new Standard & Calculator have been designed with the smallholder context in mind to ensure that smallholders around the world are able to contribute to the sustainable production of […]

 Making Credit Purchases Easier

Bonsucro’s Credit Trading System is an opportunity for companies to meet their sustainable sourcing goals, support certified Bonsucro mills, and invest in continuous improvement to address key issues. Bonsucro members can buy Bonsucro Credits, and then make a public claim about it. We’re making this system even easier through a collaboration with ACT Commodities, a company […]

Bonsucro is looking for a new Board Chair

Bonsucro is looking for a leader to join as Chair to provide direction to the Board of Directors. The role of Chair of the Board encompasses fiduciary responsibilities for the overall good governance of Bonsucro. The Chair has the responsibility to ensure Bonsucro complies with its governing documents, company law and any other relevant legislation […]

Bonsucro strengthens presence in Mexico

We’re pleased to welcome Ruth Ascensio to the Bonsucro team as we strengthen our presence in Mexico. Under the framework of the Enhancing Livelihood Fund, which is funded by Unilever and Oxfam, Ruth is developing for a feasibility study and engagement activities with Mexican mills to undertake the first steps on sustainability in the sugarcane sector. […]

Alex Bjork becomes new Chair of Bonsucro Members’ Council

Alex Bjork, of World-Wide Fund US (WWF US) has become the new Chair of Bonsucro’s Members’ Council following his endorsement from the rest of the Members’ Council to take up the role. His appointment comes as the current Chair, Diane Stevenson, steps down after two years in the role. Alex is Director of Private Sector Engagement […]