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Bonsucro Week 2019 – Save the Date

Bonsucro Week is Bonsucro’s flagship event, and has been held all over the world, from London, to New Orleans, Brazil, the Philippines and Nicaragua, to name just a few of the past Bonsucro Week venues. We’re delighted to announce that Bonsucro Week 2019 will be held in Thailand from March 11-15. Sugarcane in Thailand Sugarcane […]

Géraldine Kutas to continue as Board Chair

During the meeting of the Bonsucro Board of Directors last week the decision was taken to appoint Géraldine Kutas as the substantive chair in order to provide stability and continuity to the organisation. Géraldine has been serving as the interim Chair since January 2018. “I feel honored and privileged to be appointed as substantive Chair […]

China: Accelerating Progress

It was only fairly recently that China, one of the biggest sugarcane producers in the world, had no Bonsucro members. Yet since the first member arrived towards the end of 2016, the Chinese industry has made impressive steps towards sustainability through Bonsucro. In April 2018, the first Bonsucro certification in China was achieved by Guangxi Ningming […]

Piloting The Smallholder Standard Around The World

The Production Standard For Smallholders In Practice Smallholder farmers are a critical part of many sugarcane supply chains around the world, but ensuring that they can participate in work to improve the sustainability of their sugarcane production can be a challenging task. Since it was launched in 2011, Bonsucro’s Production Standard has been established as […]

Bonsucro Production Standard for Smallholder Farmers Launched

Download the Standard & Quick Guide The Production Standard for Smallholder Farmers is available to download from the Bonsucro website: Download the Standard Download Quick Guide Standard Development Process Bonsucro is a full member of ISEAL and conducted the process in-line with the ISEAL Standard Setting Code of Good Practice and Bonsucro’s Standard Development and Revision Procedures. You […]

Guangxi East Asia Funan Refinery achieves China’s second Bonsucro certification

We are pleased to announce China’s second Bonsucro certification has been awarded to the Guangxi East Asia Funan Refinery Sugar Company in May 2018. A producer of high quality granulated white sugar for the global market, the Funan refinery is the second company in the Guangxi Nanning East Asia Sugar Group (EAS) to be certified. […]

Reflections on Mauritius Technical Week 2018

Mauritius has a long history with the sweet crop. Sugarcane was first introduced to the island by the Dutch in 1639. Under varying colonial powers, the industry was developed as the primary economic activity in Mauritius. After independence, enormous gains were made to increase the efficiency and resilience of the sector and to promote innovation […]