Bonsucro aims to make learning about sugarcane sustainability easy, so we host a variety of training courses for practitioners and change-enablers. During these sessions, you can learn everything from the fundamentals of the Bonsucro Standards, to the Bonsucro Calculator and Certification. We can even develop a unique training programme, tailored to your individual needs.

We offer training in a number of ways, in a number of languages. Please see our different training options below. If you’d like to find out more about our training events, including dates and prices, please contact

  • Bonsucro Technical Weeks
  • Bonsucro Academy
  • Private Member Trainings

Bonsucro Technical Weeks

Bonsucro Technical Weeks are the ideal events for practitioners of the Bonsucro Platform and Certification System.  Join us for a week-long event aimed at increasing technical knowledge, connecting with peers and introducing new tools and resources.

These events include auditor/expert qualification training, introduction training, introduction to Bonsucro Connect, national/regional workshops, and a field trip.

For more information on Bonsucro Technical Week, please contact us.

Bonsucro Academy

The Bonsucro online Academy is suspended until early 2022 when a new course offer will be launched.

Should you require urgent training in the meantime, please contact Bonsucro on

Private Member Training

Bonsucro is able to help member companies with specific requests to run training on the Bonsucro Production Standard, Chain of Custody and Credit Trading System. This can include briefings to members and their suppliers or customers, speaking at closed events or assistance in “rolling out” internal programmes.

For further information, please contact

Licensed Training Providers

Licensed Training Providers are also available to deliver training on the Bonsucro Certification System, the Production Standard and Bonsucro Calculator behalf of Bonsucro. Training Providers have been selected for their knowledge on the Bonsucro Certification System and technical knowledge of the sugarcane sector.

To become a Bonsucro Licensed Training Provider, please consult our guide in either English or Spanish and contact

      • Control Union Certifications

        Control Union Certifications is a worldwide certification body with a main focus on sustainability. We offer a one-stop-shop for a wide range of certification programs in agriculture, food, feed, forest products, textiles and bio energy. Our programs are managed in a decentralised way with accreditations that reduce dependency on any one authoritative body. Key focus areas of our certification programs are food safety, sustainability, recycling, footprint and social aspects.Due to its aim to increase the sustainability of the sugarcane market, Bonsucro is one of Control Union´s key certification programs. Control Union has been involved in the dissemination of and auditing against the Bonsucro Standard since its creation in 2011.

        Based on the knowledge acquired during this process, Control Union develops and conducts training sessions for companies interested in gaining knowledge on Bonsucro.

        Contact Person: Virginia Pragana

        Visit CUC

  • FoodChain ID Certification

    FoodChain ID provides testing, verification and certification services across the supply chain, helping companies to manage risks, demonstrate transparency and meet regulatory requirements. With over 30 years of experience, FoodChain ID is a global expert in food safety, testing and verification. FoodChain ID Certification is a leading company on third party certifications. Our experience and expertise include sustainability systems, food safety, quality, non-GMO and organic products. This allows our customers to increase their market access and receive global recognition through certifications such as Bonsucro.

    FoodChain ID Brazil has participated in the Bonsucro program since the beginning, conducting the first pilot audits and was also pioneer in Bonsucro certification of smallholder farmers. Our experience with Bonsucro includes certified companies in Brazil, Latin America, Australia and Thailand. With the expertise acquired over the years, FoodChain ID Brazil is authorized by Bonsucro to conduct in-company trainings on Bonsucro standards.

    Technical Scope: Bonsucro Production Standard / Bonsucro Production Standard for Smallholder Farmers / Bonsucro Mass Balance Chain of Custody Standard
    Geographical Scope: Worldwide

    Contact Person: Marina de Souza Stanham


    Phone: +55 51 3012 7080

    Cellphone: +55 51 99316 4428

  • HSEQ Camero Consulting

    HSEQ Camero Consulting is a Latin-American company specialized in business transformation with a wide experience in HSE and training. Understanding the key position of the sugar cane in the development and growing of our region HSEQ Camero Consulting offers professionals certified and trained by Bonsucro.

    HSEQ Camero Consulting es una compañía latinoamericana especializada en transformación empresarial con una amplia experiencia en temas de HSE y entrenamiento. Entendiendo la posición clave que tiene la caña de azúcar para el desarrollo y crecimiento de nuestra región, HSEQ Camero cConsulting ofrece profesionales entrenados y certificados por Bonsucro.

    Contact: Hector Camero


    Telephone: +57 3153352422

  • SCS Global Services

    SCS is an international leader in third-party certification and standards development in environmental, sustainability, and food safety and quality performance claims. Through auditing, certification, testing, life cycle assessment, training, and strategic consulting services, we help organizations affirm and communicate their sustainability success stories. Our headquarters is located in Emeryville, California, and we maintain regional offices around the world in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Ghana, China, India, Indonesia and Australia.

    SCS conducted the audit of the first Bonsucro certification in Central America in 2014, and has since developed an extensive network of auditors and local representatives working in the Bonsucro standard in Latin America, the United States, Europe, Australia and SE Asia.

    We offer remote and in-person training exercises for the Bonsucro Production and Chain of Custody standards. We speak English / Hablamos español / Nós falamos portugues.

    Contacts: Eddie Gómez


    Phone: +55.51.99648-3769

    Skype: efragobacr

  • ESM

    Miguel Tejada is an economist, holding an MSc in Macroeconomics with an emphasis in sustainable standards in agriculture focused in palm oil and sugarcane production in Latin America. Over the last ten years, Miguel has become familiar with standards like RSPO, ISCC and Bonsucro from the field, the workers, the communities in the region. In the last six years, he has visited more than thirty companies while providing services for sustainability certifications to growers, mills, refineries, biofuel plants and traders understanding in a very practical way what these standards mean and what their real impacts are.

    Technical Scope: Bonsucro Production Standard / Bonsucro Mass Balance Chain of Custody Standard

    Geographical Scope: Latin America, Africa, Europe, Online

    Contacts: Miguel TEJADA IRAIZOZ


    Phone: +57 3148376353

  • AgNovate

    AgNovate is a consortium of international experts providing consultancy services on improving efficiency and sustainability along agricultural value chains and allied sectors. Our team includes crop and industry experts from the United States of America, Australia and Pakistan. Through an integrated approach of improving crop productivity, the efficiency of mill performance and capacity building to enhance skills and knowledge along value chains, we help the sugar industry to increase its competitiveness. We have pioneered the change management and capacity building of the sugar industry and sugarcane farmers, especially smallholders, for implementing sustainable practices under Pakistani climatic, social, environmental and economic conditions. We have built customized programs for sugar mills and their supplier farmers for achieving Bonsucro Production, Smallholder and Chain of Custody Standards in a profitable manner.
    We also offer training programs for sugar industry professionals and farmers in English as well as in the local languages of Pakistan. Our strength is our knowledge of the local customs, social fabric and agro-ecology, augmented with our global expertise in sugarcane farming and processing.

    Technical Scope: Bonsucro Production Standard / Bonsucro Production Standard for Smallholder Farmers / Bonsucro Mass Balance Chain of Custody Standard

    Geographical Scope: Pakistan

    Contacts: Dr Zaheer Ahmad


    Phone: +923334029065

  • SGS (Thailand)

    SGS Academy Thailand is a training centre of excellence that delivers courses to meet local needs. The culture sensitive content and approach reflects the SGS global expertise and gives you the opportunity to achieve your learning goal wherever you are. Many of its training courses have been designed to the specification of the international standards and accredited bodies. The SGS Academy also delivers non-accredited and customized courses to enhance processes, systems and skill to your ongoing success and sustained growth. As a leader in professional training, the SGS Academy makes a difference to individual, teams and businesses, nurturing talent and enabling continuous organisational progression. The staff speak a variety of languages, understand the local cultures and operate globally in a consistent, reliable and effective manner.

    Technical Scope: Bonsucro Production Standard / Bonsucro Production Standard for Smallholder Farmers / Bonsucro Mass Balance Chain of Custody Standard

    Geographical Scope: Thailand

    Contacts: Mr. Rapeebhand Jivanuwong


    Phone: +662 678 1813