Take part in the consultation on the Bonsucro Endorsement Protocol

20th September 2018

We’re launching the second consultation round on the Protocol, a process that will be used by Bonsucro to recognise and endorse Local Improvement Programmes (LIPs). 

The Endorsement component of the B&E Programme is designed to support the uptake of the Bonsucro Principles and Criteria for the sustainable production of sugarcane-based products. It creates a framework for buyers, donors, producers and other organisations to help make an informed choice when deciding whether to invest or participate in a LIP. Ultimately Endorsement aims to increase the area of land under better/improved cultivation by contributing to the success of LIPs by:

  • Informing LIPs about requirements that enhance global credibility and the needs of stakeholders that have an international scope,
  • Facilitating learning between LIPs on the global Bonsucro platform,
  • Showcasing LIPs to the relevant stakeholder community, thereby:
    • Providing both producers and financers with the confidence that LIPs contribute to achieving globally credible and locally relevant sustainability goals, thus
    • Driving the expansion of the scope and / or impact of LIPs by attracting the right partners and resources.


The previous version of the Endorsement protocol was initially published in early 2018. Committed to ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice, Bonsucro is running a final 30-day public consultation period aimed at gaining consensus around the protocol. Stakeholders are invited to comment and support the proposed changes:

  • Amended criteria for the verification of the improvement made by the participant of the LIP (phase 2 Improvement)
  • Revised transparency criteria with regards to the achievement of LIP
  • Improved governance requirements for the participating LIP
  • Newly-defined annual reporting framework that LIPs must comply with.

Process & Documents

Below is the draft version of the protocol issued for the second round of public consultation, along with the supporting Annual Reporting document.
> Endorsement Protocol – Second Consultation Round
> Endorsement Protocol – Annual Reporting

Please provide feedback directly on this document or in an email (with the relevant question number) and send to nahuel@bonsucro.com.

Deadline for feedback is October 18, 2018.