Bonsucro is revising its Chain of Custody Standard

24th September 2018

Bonsucro’s Chain of Custody Standard ensures the traceability of sustainability claims along the supply chain from the farm to the end user. Since its launch in 2011, 38 certificates have been issued to organisations in over 15 countries.

In order to ensure that the Standard is robust, efficient and matches the needs of the industry, Bonsucro is embarking on a process that will review the Standard, aiming to issue an updated version by December 2018. Improving the Standard has the potential to increase the uptake of certified material through simplifying the chain of custody requirements and removing current bottlenecks in the system.


Bonsucro has contracted two leading independent experts who will facilitate the revision process. They will be supported by the Standard Revision Working Group (SRWG) which will be in charge of supporting the Secretariat to deliver an advanced, efficient and clear Chain of Custody Standard.

As defined by Bonsucro’s Standard Revision Procedure, the SRWG will be formed of at least one representative from each membership class, appointed by the Secretariat, to ensure a multi-stakeholder approach to the process. The SRWG will work closely with, and report to, Bonsucro’s Technical Advisory Board, which is responsible for endorsing a proposed new Chain of Custody Standard before its adoption by the Board.

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Over the next few weeks the experts will conduct interviews with key stakeholders – including members -and carry out research on other chain of custody models. Using the output of this work, they will then present the SRWG with suggested improvements, which will then issue a first draft of the revised Standard.

In accordance with ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice, there will be a public consultation period of 30 days after the publication of the first draft. However, if you would like to make suggestions on the revision at this initial stage, or join the SRWG, please email Nahuel Tuñón at