Guangxi East Asia Funan Refinery achieves China’s second Bonsucro certification

11th June 2018

We are pleased to announce China’s second Bonsucro certification has been awarded to the Guangxi East Asia Funan Refinery Sugar Company in May 2018. A producer of high quality granulated white sugar for the global market, the Funan refinery is the second company in the Guangxi Nanning East Asia Sugar Group (EAS) to be certified.

The East Asia Sugar Group is strategically positioning themselves as a leader in the Chinese sugar industry and is using the Bonsucro standard/certification as a means to help achieve their goals.  Mr. Chusak Vongkusolkit, CEO of EAS, explained that “the Bonsucro Standard is a good practice to improve sustainability and is aligned with their vision, mission and strategic direction.”

Certification helps to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability but there is also value in the process itself. According to the General Production Manager, Mr. Shi Baoxiong internal training and development to enhance the performance of individuals and teams is the most important commitment to sustainability. Prior to the certification audit, the team also benefitted from using the output summary on Bonsucro Connect to identify areas of concern and then use the guidance to correct it.

In the future, EAS intends to pursue their sustainability strategy through the promotion of Bonsucro certification to other EAS companies.

Mr. Liuxianqu, Quality Control Deputy General Manager, announces that “the next mill to pursue Bonsucro certification will be Guangxi Haitang East Asia Sugar Co., Ltd. in October 2018.” The future objective is to work closely with Bonsucro in order to introduce and make Bonsucro more known in China.

Mr. Liuxianqu sheds light on future potential projects including: providing Bonsucro in Chinese with translated material of standards and a Chinese name; inviting Bonsucro experts to Chinese farms and mills to further understand their environment; and finally publicising Bonsucro more widely in China in order to increase its popularity and awareness in Asia.