Introducing Bonsucro Connect

26th January 2017

Bonsucro is delighted to announce the launch of a new IT platform, Bonsucro Connect. How does this benefit you as a producer, buyer or partner for change?

The supply chains that carry sugarcane products to their final destinations are often global, incredibly complex and difficult to analyse. Producers of sustainable sugarcane-derived products have an opportunity to measure impact and demonstrate verified sustainability using the Bonsucro Production Standard, and need a streamlined process to do this that adds value.

Which is why Bonsucro is developing a tool which provides a solution.

The cloud-based platform will enable users to demonstrate and monitor sustainability in their supply chain.  The many features include:

  • Online version of the Bonsucro Calculator
  • Visualisations of performance for producers for mills and farms (live benchmarking through a ‘smart dashboard’)
  • Volume and trade management of certified material for traceability
  • Facilitation of the audit process
  • Scorecards to track progress

To bring this tool to life, we are we are partnering with an organisation called SupplyShift.  SupplyShift’s breakthrough cloud-based technology empowers companies to easily track supply data in real time, enabling traceability and transparency of supply chains and value chains, as well as secure tools for producers to benchmark and analyse performance, using the highest-level security protocols to ensure confidentiality and privacy.

Bonsucro Connect will be initiated in phases, starting in late January 2017. We have formed a user group to help ensure Bonsucro Connect works for the people that will use it.  If you would like to be involved and have not yet been contacted, please email Matt Sullivan at