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Como acelerar a demanda do mercado por cana-de-açúcar certificada Bonsucro no Brasil

June 28, 2023

No ano passado, a Bonsucro encomendou um relatório sobre a demanda por cana-de-açúcar sustentável no Brasil. Neste webinar, nossa equipe apresentou os resultados do estudo e discutiu a resposta da Bonsucro.

How to prevent heat-related illnesses, injuries and deaths in the sugarcane sector

In this series of webinars, we discussed how to prevent heat stress through a Water, Rest, Shade and Sanitation Program, and how both the workforce and the company will benefit from key changes made to protect worker health during harvest. Webinars were presented in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Explaining the new human rights grants from the Bonsucro Impact Fund

June 6, 2023

In this webinar the Bonsucro team explained the new grants, totaling £250,000, in more detail, and offered guidance on how to present a successful application. This webinar was presented in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

O lançamento do Guia de Finanças Sustentáveis para o Agronegócio Brasileiro

May 31, 2023

O Guia traz informações e boas práticas para empresas do agronegócio, considerando a regulação e o sistema financeiro do país. Foi lançado oficialmente em um evento híbrido no dia 31 de maio.

Implementing human rights policies and grievance mechanisms (webinar)

This interactive webinar provided our members with practical tools to help them implement a robust human rights policy and an effective grievance mechanism. We held sessions with external consultants in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Sugarcane and the latest EU policy developments (webinar)

May 22, 2023

We invited a panel of leading policy and sustainability experts to discuss the latest policy developments in the European Union, and how they will impact the sugarcane sector

Completing your 2023 Member Annual Report (Webinar)

This webinar gave practical guidance on submitting the annual report through Bonsucro Connect, and answered our members questions. We held sessions in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

New Bonsucro Impact Fund Grants 2023 – How to apply (English, Spanish, Portuguese)

This webinar looked at the new Bonsucro Impact Fund grants available - climate change and water stewardship - and provided advice to help you with your application. It was presented in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Continuous improvement in the sugarcane supply chain (Brazil focus) webinar

This webinar took place on 28 February and was delivered in Portuguese.

Bonsucro Claims and Labelling Rules webinar

This webinar will discuss Bonsucro's declaration and labeling rules and will be held in Portuguese.

Bonsucro Production Standard Transition Policy v2.0 webinars

These webinars presented the updated version of Bonsucro Production Standard (BPS) Transition Policy v2.0, that outlines how the extension will work in practice and how Bonsucro will support with the transition from version 4.2 to version 5.1 of the BPS. We held one webinar in English, one in Spanish and one in Portuguese.

Webinar on Retrospective Results – External review of the Bonsucro Production Standard revision process

Bonsucro carried out an external review of the Bonsucro Production Standard revision process and held a webinar on 14 December to share the results.

Webinar on EU policy developments shaping the sugarcane sector: What’s new?

Bonsucro held a webinar on 13 December about EU policy developments impacting on the production and trade of sugarcane products and derivatives.

Science-based targets in sugarcane (work plan) webinar

Bonsucro held a webinar to present the work plan of our recently launched project, Science-based targets in sugarcane, whose main aim is to create a mitigation pathway for the sugarcane sector to drive down GHG emissions in line with science and the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Webinar on Retrospective Results – External review of the Bonsucro Production Standard revision process

Bonsucro carried out an external review of the Bonsucro Production Standard revision process and held a webinar on 16 November to share the results.

Training webinars: water, rest, shade, and sanitation

We coordinated three training webinars in English and Spanish in collaboration with Vinmonopolet, Systembolaget, Alko and La Isla Network to introduce issues on heat stress and the damaging effects it may have on workers in the sugarcane sector. Photo credit: Ed Kashi

Bonsucro Production Standard training for African producers

June 9, 2022

Free training sessions for African sugarcane producers and producer organisations on the agricultural section of the new Bonsucro Production Standard v5.1.

Programa de treinamento sobre negócios & direitos humanos

May 17, 2022

Este foi o primeiro de um ciclo de treinamento gratuito que a Bonsucro proporcionará aos seus membros no Brasil sobre temas relacionados à sustentabilidade/ESG no setor sucroenergético.

Conferencia Bonsucro México 2022

June 30, 2022

La Conferencia Bonsucro México será un foro para los actores claves que trabajan por una mejor industria de la caña de azúcar en México.

Bonsucro Global Week 2022

Bonsucro Global Week is the leading event for sugarcane sustainability, providing members and non-members with the opportunity to connect with a unique network and learn about the latest developments in the sector.

Bonsucro Production Standard V5.1 technical training and Q&A sessions

Following the launch of the technical training videos on 14 March, Bonsucro held a series of live Q&A sessions to answer your questions about the Standard.

Member’s Annual Report Webinars

These webinars provide members with practical information and guidance on how to complete their Member Annual Report.

Production Standard V5.1 Launch Webinars

A series of webinars providing more information on the new Bonsucro Production Standard – how it was developed, an overview of the changes, information on the transition period, and next steps.

Sugar mapping: managing risks in your supply chain

November 18, 2021

Sugarcane supply chains are complex and can lack transparency. However, Bonsucro has partnered with SupplyShift to develop a new Sugar Mapping tool to offer companies the chance to track and monitor their suppliers’ social and environmental sustainability measures at mill and farm levels. Find out more in our webinar.

Celebrating 10 years of certification / Celebrando 10 anos de certificação

October 28, 2021

Ten years after the first Bonsucro certification, we hosted a webinar to look at how sustainability in sugarcane has evolved over the past decade. Bonsucro's CEO, Danielle Morley, was joined by Ricardo Mussa, CEO of Raízen to discuss key sustainability achievements, growth of certification and ideas for what the future holds.

Bonsucro Technical Week Argentina 2019

4-8 de noviembre | Hotel Sheraton, Salta, Argentina

Bonsucro Technical Training India

Bonsucro is bringing a 3-day technical training to India. Mon, 24 Jun 2019, 09:00 – Wed, 26 Jun 2019, 17:30 IST

Mexico Sugar International Congress 2019

Lunes 6 de mayo de 2019 - Martes 7 de mayo de 2019

Bonsucro Global Week 2019

March 11-14 || Bangkok, Thailand

Bonsucro Technical Week Central America – Dominican Republic 2018

15 – 19 October | Dominican Republic | Central America

Bonsucro Technical Week Southern Africa – Mauritius 2018

14 – 18 May | Mauritius | Southern Africa

Bonsucro Technical Week – Colombia 2017

23 – 27 octubre | Cali, Colombia

Sustainable Sugarcane Forum

4-5 December 2017 | London

Bonsucro Technical Week – Colombia 2017

23 – 27 October | Cali, Colombia

Bonsucro Week 2018

15-19 January 2018 | Nicaragua

Bonsucro Technical Week – México 2017

3 – 7 julio | Guadalajara, México

Bonsucro Technical Week – Thailand 2017

22 – 26 May | Bangkok, Thailand

Bonsucro Technical Week – Swaziland 2017

26 – 30 June | Swaziland

Bonsucro Technical Week – Mexico 2017

3 – 7 July | Guadalajara, Mexico

Bonsucro Technical Week – India 2017

24 – 28 July | Chennai, India

Ecuador: Introduction Training provided by Global Forum

2-3 March 2017 | Guayaquil, Ecuador

Bonsucro Technical Week – Brazil 2017

20 – 24 March | Campinas, São Paulo State, Brazil
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