Bonsucro's Secretariat carries out the day-to-day work of Bonsucro. The main offices are based in London with regional staff around the world.

Board of Directors

Bonsucro's Board of Directors is responsible for all actions and activity of Bonsucro, although for practical purposes it delegates day-to-day responsibility of managing the organisation to the CEO and Secretariat team.

  • Jean-Claude Autrey

    Chair, Board of Directors

  • Melanie Rutten-Sülz

    Chair, Governance Committee

  • Meredith Smith

    Chair, Members' Council

  • Ruben Faust

    Chair, Finance & Risk Committee

  • Elizabeth Farina

    Board Director

  • Anthony Edmonds

    Vice Chair, Members' Council

  • Dr Peter Allsopp

    Chair, Technical Advisory Board

Members' Council

The representative body of the membership. It acts as a reference and sounding board for the Board of Directors, allowing members to have a say on the issues that matter to them.

  • Alex Bjork

    Organisation: WWF USA Membership Class: Civil Society

  • Anthony Edmonds (Vice Chair)

    Organisation: Donovale Farm Membership Class: Farmer

  • Miguel Tejada Iraizoz

    Organisation: Hacienda San Isidro Membership Class: Farmer

  • Maria Claudia Martinelli Trabulsi Alves

    Organisation: Copersucar Membership Class: Intermediary

  • Patrick Dessources

    Organisation: Caseli Membership Class: Civil Society

  • Meredith Smith (Chair)

    Organisation: ED&F Man Membership Class: Intermediary

  • Kevin Ogorzalek

    Organisation: Barry Callebaut Membership Class: End User

  • Rafael Bordonal Kalaki

    Organisation: Socicana Membership Class: Farmer  

  • Joe Maguire

    Organisation: Coca-Cola Membership Class: End User

  • Julian Fox

    Organisation: Tetra Pak Membership Class: End User

  • Mario Francisco Amador Rivas

    Organisation: CNPA Membership Class: Industrial

  • Acacio Masson Filho

    Organisation: Assobari Membership Class: Farmer

  • Erin Logan

    Organisation: Proforest Membership Class: Civil Society

  • Maurice van Beers

    Organisation: CNV Internationaal Membership Class: Civil Society

  • Ariane Kaper

    Organisation: Danone Membership Class: End User

  • Andre Valente Werneck

    Organisation: Raízen Membership Class: Industrial

  • Ines Amenabar Cordon

    Organisation: Ingenio Pantaleon Membership Class: Industrial

  • Andrew Hassell

    Organisation: West Indies Rum Distillery Membership Class: Intermediary

  • Jean-Baptiste Lescop

    Organisation: SUCDEN Membership Class: Intermediary

  • Diane Stevenson

    Organisation: CSC Sugar Membership Class: Intermediary

  • Dr. Shanmugasundaram

    Organisation: EID Parry Membership class: Industrial

  • Evan Watson

    Organisation: La Isla Network Membership Class: Civil Society

Technical Advisory Board (TAB)

Providing leadership and insights around global standards and other technical issues

  • Dr Peter Allsopp

    Expertise: Chair of the TAB, Pest management Location: Australia Association/Organisation: Previously at Sugar Research Australia Ltd

  • Roshan Lal Tamak

    Expertise: Smallholder farmers, milling Location: India Association/Organisation: DCM Shriram Ltd.

  • Damien Sanfilippo

    Expertise: Standards Location: Switzerland Association/Organisation: Better Cotton Initiative

  • Armando Ortega

    Expertise: Social fields Location: Mexico Association/Organisation: The Coca-Cola Company

  • Dr Catharina Wesseling

    Expertise: Occupational medicine Location: Sweden/Central America Association/Organisation: Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden & La Isla Network.