Sucro Sourcing LLC achieves Chain of Custody certificate

26th February 2020

Recognising the importance of sustainability in the sugarcane supply chain, Sucro Sourcing LLC recently received Bonsucro Chain of Custody certification. The company has been a rapidly growing sugar trade partner for sugar mills, processors, distributors and industrial customers in the U.S. and beyond.

Sucro Sourcing LLC’s certification journey

Sara Chaffin, Sustainability and Ingredient Business Development, emphasises teamwork and internal collaboration as the key elements of the certification process. “Once the overall vision of Bonsucro certification was understood, everyone came together to make it happen,” she adds. A member since 2019, the company said Bonsucro’s support has been “instrumental in knowledge sharing and education.”

The process challenged the team to look into its supply chain processes and procedures from a new perspective. As a result, they were able to implement changes to excel in transparency and traceability, which Sucro believes is “the ultimate goal of sustainability”.

Significance of Bonsucro certification 

Sucro sees Bonsucro certification as a great accomplishment and an important element to its portfolio. Sucro Sourcing’s CEO and Owner, Jonathan Taylor said, “As sustainability and its importance continues to grow, we are excited to help support Bonsucro certified mills and farmers and incentivise the sustainable practices they’ve implemented. As a company, we are really happy to be part of this journey.”

The next step for Sucro is to actively seek out opportunities to sell Bonsucro certified sustainable sugar and partner with customers that share its sustainability goals. Acknowledging the competitive advantage offered by certification, the company will also encourage non-certified mills in its supply chain to move towards certification, as well as use its innovative supply chain solutions.

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