Nominations open for the 2018 Bonsucro Inspire Award

6th November 2017

Know someone doing extraordinary work on sugarcane sustainability? Nominate them for the 2018 Bonsucro Inspire Award

The seventh edition of the Bonsucro Inspire Award will be held during Bonsucro Week in Nicaragua (15-19 January 2018), to recognise exemplary contribution to the sustainable sugarcane sector, celebrate collaboration between different actors, and share stories that others can be inspired by and learn from.

The Award ceremony will be on Tuesday 16 January at the Bonsucro Award dinner in Managua, Nicaragua.

The Bonsucro Inspire Award

The Bonsucro Inspire Award will be given to an individual, organisation or partnership in recognition of their contribution towards sustainable producer communities, assured supply chains and change towards a stronger sustainable sugarcane sector.

Nominations will be open to anyone and candidates do not necessarily have to be a member of Bonsucro and/or their work directly linked to Bonsucro.

Judging criteria

Nominations will be judged based on:

  • Specific contribution: we will be looking for the specific contribution of the nominated individual, organisation or partnership towards sustainable producer communities, assured supply chains and the sustainable sugarcane sector more widely, looking at significant change being achieved, engagement of other actors, influencing the sector (locally or more widely), innovation, and inspirational accomplishments;
  • Collaboration with others: we are looking for examples of effective collaboration between different actors, being producers, buyers and/or enablers, in joining forces to bring about change towards a sustainable sugarcane sector. We are looking for evidence that the collaboration combined respective strengths to achieve more than could have been achieved by one organisation on its own;
  • Impact: In all cases we are looking for evidence of impact and/or reach;
  • Learning which others can build on: we are looking for an inspiring story and learning that can be used as a showcase to encourage others in their journey towards sustainability.

The nominations should refer to change achieved in the last year.

Nomination Process

Nominate an individual, organisation or partnership for the Bonsucro Inspire Award using the form on the link below. The deadline for submission of nominations is 24 November 2017. Please feel free to share the link with colleagues and contacts.

The nominations will be assessed by the Awards Committee, made of representatives of Bonsucro Member Council, who will select the Bonsucro Award winner, together with the second and third runners-up.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Award and nomination process, please contact Laura Fisher on

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