Godavari dreams of agricultural-based resources as it achieves Bonsucro certification

5th June 2020

Godavari Biorefineries Limited, in India makes sugar, ethanol, electricity and more than 20 chemicals derived from renewable resources. It is the latest mill in India to achieve a Bonsucro certification.

Sustainability is very important to Godavari Biorefineries Limited, and as sugarcane is the primary raw material, pursuing Bonsucro certification was an important step for the organisation. The team dreams of a future in which plants and agricultural-based resources are used to make food, energy, chemicals, biomaterials, pharmaceutical intermediates, and agriculture inputs.

Mr Samir Somaiya, the Chairman and Managing Director at Godavari Biorefineries Limited said, “We believe that as an economy, we must transition from a linear economy to a circular economy.” And so, Godavari Biorefineries Limited has started its journey to implement that vision.

The process to achieve Bonsucro certification has created change at Godavari Biorefineries Limited. As the organisation prepared for the audit, a gap analysis identified areas in which the organisation needed to improve in order to adhere to Bonsucro’s Standard. For example, the by-product stream is now used then recycled and used again.

The process of Bonsucro certification has helped the team to understand more about sustainability and they have already witnessed positive changes. From understanding the soil, to implementing the right practices to promote sustainability, the feedstock supplying farmers witnessed an increase in yield along with spending adequately on agri-inputs. The team also reports a growth in mutual trust in the organisation’s social circles.

Mr Somaiya went on to say, “We know that by pursuing the Bonsucro certification, we will learn and share best practices in sugarcane and sustainability.” In addition, the certification helps to create good relationships with Godavari’s clients. Coca Cola is one of its valued customers and had “described the benefits of Bonsucro certification” to the team during meetings.
The entire team helped work towards the Bonsucro certification, but Karan Mengar was responsible for bringing everything together. The process went beyond Karan’s usual responsibilities, but he will play an important role in order to ensure the continual application of the Bonsucro standard, beyond the initial certification. The Director, Mr Bhalachandra Bakshi and the team at the site in Sameerwadi also played a big role in achieving this certification.

Mr Somaiya said, “We intend to keep up with the cycle of sustainability.” To do this, Godavari Biorefineries Limited plans to increase the number of sugarcane farmers under Bonsucro and other sustainability practices every year. The organisation is also experimenting with principles of agroecology and understanding the science of agricultural practices embedded in sustainability.