Bonsucro welcomes Ruben Faust to Bonsucro’s Board of Directors

2nd September 2019

We’re delighted that Bonsucro’s Board of Directors has a new member in Ruben Faust. As part of his duties as Board Director, Ruben will take on the role of Chair of the Finance & Risk Committee.

“Being chosen for this role is a great honour and am very humbled with the appointment as Chair of the Finance and Risk Committee. I am committed to contribute with my long-standing finance, consulting and business experience to Bonsucro’s ambitious sector-transforming growth trajectory. Given the combination of having made a finance career in large (sugarcane consuming) businesses as well as my experience in global multi-stakeholder sustainability organisations, I will be able to drive informed and balanced decisions, with both ends of the equation in mind.”

Ruben is driven by his desire to support organisations with his broad and rich management skill-set, ranging from very strong financial capabilities, over to consulting and advisory services, utilising fact-based decision-making as well as trustful and empowering relationship-building capacities.

Ruben has a degree in Business Administration earned at the University of Cologne. He started his career as a finance and IT-auditor with Ernst & Young, which then led him to join the Coca-Cola Company. During his 17-year tenure with Coca-Cola, he assumed a multitude of senior finance assignments in Germany, France and Scandinavia. Since 2010, Ruben is working as consultant and interim manager, supporting businesses with growth agendas. In that capacity he has also been leading significant projects with a number of global, multi-stakeholder sustainability organisations. Ruben is fluent in German, English and French.