Bonsucro contributes to OECD-FAO Due Diligence Pilot

7th August 2018

Bonsucro is taking part in a pilot on the implementation on the OECD-FAO guidelines on due diligence in agriculture supply chains. The guidelines aim to provide a set of tools for stakeholders to identify, evaluate and mitigate social and environmental risks. Bonsucro’s participation in the pilot will give visibility to the role we and our members carry out regarding due diligence, as well as helping to evaluate how Bonsucro’s Standards compare to the guidelines, ultimately feeding into the upcoming Standard Revision.

As part of the pilot, Nicolas Viart, Director, Standards and Innovation attended the OECD Forum on Responsible Business conduct as a panellist in two sessions on ‘Due Diligence in Agriculture Supply Chains’ and ‘Use of leverage to drive change’.

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