Bonsucro certifications starts Bioenergética Vale do Paracatu on sustainability journey

4th March 2020

Brazil is one of the biggest sugarcane producers and exporters in the world. In 2018, it produced 29.29 million metric tonnes of sugar, 21.26 of which were exported. With 150 active Bonsucro members, there’s strong commitment and support for sustainability in sugarcane across Brazil. Bonsucro is thrilled that Bioenergética Vale do Paracatu S/A  has achieved both the Production Standard and the Chain of Custody certifications.

Bioenergética Vale do Paracatu S/A. produces both sugar, ethanol and energy. It’s located in the northwest State of Minas Gerais of Brazil – strategically positioned in relation to local consumer markets and export routes.

The Bonsucro certification journey

The Bonsucro certification process was relatively quick for Bioenergética Vale do Paracatu – taking just 10 months. The team achieved this by reading the Production Standard Guide and using the Bonsucro calculator to prepare for the external audit, undertaken by Control Union.

Bioenergética Vale do Paracatu’s CEO, Gabriel Sustaita, was very supportive during the process. The management team and whole staff base embraced the idea and were all instrumental in making the necessary changes.

The business reports clear changes across the whole organisation. It has improved the conditions for workers and improved the safety measures. For example, health and safety procedures have become more consistent and more effective inspection methods have been created. This has resulted in a 63% reduction in accident frequency from the 2017-18 crop to the 2018-19 crop.

Franklin Asanza, the Executive Manager Supporting Corporate Control, said, “We realise that the application of some requirements for Bonsucro such as safety, product quality and environmental care perpetuate in all sectors of Bioenergetics Vale do Paracatu S / A.”

By complying with the Bonsucro Standards, Bioenergética Vale do Paracatu aims to help the agro-industrial operations to evolve. The organisation believes that work safety and product quality should be the norm.

Franklin Asanza went on to say, “Bonsucro has opened up the possibility of supplying our products to serve multinational customers in guaranteeing and committing to social, environmental and sustainable responsibility, as well as attending all stakes holders.”

Next steps

For Bioenergetica Vale do Paracatu S/A, the Bonsucro certifications are just one step in the sustainability journey. The team is already considering how to improve its commitment to sustainability across social and economic areas.

Franklin Asanza said, “After achieving Bonsucro, Bioenergetica Vale do Paracatu will focus on continuing sustainability in its sugarcane farms and developing its suppliers to reach the largest number of Bonsucro certified areas.”