What is Jurisdictional Sustainability?

15th February 2017

Read Earth Innovation Institute’s new report to find out how a jurisdictional approach can contribute to sustainable development regionally

We’d like to draw your attention to a new publication from Earth Innovation Institute, to which Bonsucro contributed, which aims to give an overview the concept and practice of ‘jurisdictional sustainability’.

Bonsucro welcomes the document, entitled ‘Jurisdictional Sustainability, A Primer for Practitioners’, and believes it will serve the sugarcane sector well. Bonsucro and its members will use the document to frame key activities to create sustainable supply origins and address key issues.

Jurisdictional Sustainability Primer

Download the document:

The primer specifically supports Bonsucro’s three 2020 goals and provides critical elements to the development and implementation of Bonsucro’s Origins programme. Bonsucro uses the term Origin (cane-growing origin) rather than Jurisdiction to refer to the country in which the sugarcane is grown.

Bonsucro’s Origins programme will:

  • Develop and implement sustainability plans for focal origins.
  • Align external organisations and resources to support the sugarcane sector in specific countries, states, and provinces where cane is grown.
  • Catalyse solutions to systemic challenges and create new opportunities from sugarcane.

For more information on our developing origins program, please contact Sven Sielhorst.