We’re looking for a Regional Coordinator for Mexico

17th June 2019

Mexico is an important sugarcane producer and is a key focus of engagement for Bonsucro.

We’re looking for someone to join our dynamic, international and growing team to coordinate this work.

This new role will:

  • Provide effective leadership within the country
  • Support Mexico-based members of the platform with their sustainable sugarcane production, processing and sourcing
  • Play a key conduit role for information flow from regional members back to Bonsucro

  • Help to drive member recruitment and retention.

  • Create relationships and alliances with different stakeholders (NGOs, companies and governments) to provide certification and improvement support, deliver impact, share knowledge in order to strengthen Bonsucro in the region

If you would like to become Bonsucro’s Regional Coordinator for Mexico, or you know someone that would be a good candidate, take a look at the full job description:

Download the Job Description