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Who will make the decision on which projects will receive a grant? How is a fair process ensured?

A special project selection committee has been established that consists of six members – two Bonsucro staff members, three representatives from the Members’ Council, and one independent advisor who is also the chair of the committee. The project selection committee members have to sign a conflict-of-interest declaration which ensures that all conflicts-of-interest, and perceived conflicts-of-interest, […]

Can we submit more than one project proposal?

Yes – we welcome our members to put forward ideas for multiple proposals. If you are submitting multiple applications for the same funding opportunity, you should first contact the Secretariat. Applications for the same opportunity will be limited to a maximum of three proposals per applicant.

How will you check the co-funding element?

Before awarding a grant, applicants will go through a due diligence process. During this process, we will check that co-funding has been allocated correctly. We have also capped the day rates that applicants are allowed to charge as part of their in-kind contribution.

What is co-funding and why do all projects have to provide co-funding?

Co-funding refers to the contribution that project partners need to make towards the cost of the project. This can be either financial or in-kind. This requirement is to make the Fund’s resources go further and to encourage a sense of ownership over the project. The amount of co-funding required depends on the type of grant […]

Why is the Fund only open to full Bonsucro members?

Eligibility to apply to the Bonsucro Impact Fund is an advantage of being a member. This eligibility only applies to full members, not candidate members, and applicants must have had their membership processed in full before submitting their application. Although only Bonsucro members can submit an application, other organisations can form part of the project […]

Will support or guidance be provided in the proposal writing process?

Bonsucro can assist with the concept note by sense-checking concepts and connecting you to potential partners. For the full project proposal, Bonsucro can offer some technical support if needed, but this will be on a first come, first served basis, and will be limited to farmer organisations and NGOs.

What is the different between the concept note and the full proposal?

Applying for grants can be a time-consuming process, especially if you are still finalising your project idea and confirming the partners involved, activities and budget. To make it easier for members to put forward impact projects, we follow a two-stage application process. The project concept note asks applicants to briefly describe the need for the […]