Guidance For The Production Standard (Latest Version, English)

25th January 2017

The primary purpose of this document is to provide farmers and millers with guidance and clarification on the indicators of the Bonsucro Production Standard. It also provides additional requirements, the implementation of which will support conformity with the Bonsucro Production Standard. It serves as guidance on how to implement the Standard at the mill and farm level. This Guidance document provides guidance through: 1. Description of the reason why the indicator was introduced in the Bonsucro Standard 2. Objective targeted when indicator is found compliant 3. Implementation information to become in compliance with the indicator 4. Information relating to exceptional situations 5. Details of the methodology of compliance of the metric indicators (although for full details, the reader shall refer to the Bonsucro Calculator).

The guidance also provides auditors with detailed information on what is expected from the operators.