Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group becomes Bonsucro-certified in Thailand

26th April 2022

We’re pleased to see the production of sustainable sugarcane continue to progress in Thailand, as Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group achieves Bonsucro certification for its fourth mill, located in Sakon Nakhon Province. The certification was against both the Bonsucro Production Standard and the Chain of Custody Standard.

Since its first mill was created in 1945, the company has established itself as one of the largest sugar producers and exporters in Asia. It produces sugar in multiple forms, including raw, refined, liquid, white and caster sugar. The newly certified mill has a cane crushing capacity of 12,500 tonnes of cane per day.

The journey to Bonsucro certification

Becoming certified was a logical step for the Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group as the company aims to create responsible and sustainable sugarcane supply chains. “Under the direction of management, our mill and farm staff joined together and took up this additional task to implement the Bonsucro Production Standard. They are determined to maintain the certification in the years to come,” said Chatchai Assadathorn, Factory Manager.

He also shared how the Bonsucro requirements had empowered farmers to become more sustainable: “they can record and manage their budget by themselves and control the use of fertilisers and agro-chemicals, which will reduce costs as well as health and environmental risks.”

The Bonsucro Calculator has helped in implementing the Standard. This tool enables producers to collect production data and monitor environmental performance against the Production Standard. The data allows producers and processors to analyse gaps and identify necessary improvements. The Factory Manager shared that some of the main outcomes of their new Bonsucro certification will be the prevention of child and forced labour, and improvements to health and safety at work.

Next steps for the Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group

Following this achievement, the Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group plans to communicate about its certification and the benefits of the Bonsucro Production Standard to its supplying farms. The team also hopes to expand its certification in the years ahead.

Are you a producer in Asia who wants to put sustainability at the core of their operations and deliver positive change? Learn more about Bonsucro certification and contact our regional director to get started.