Sucden chooses Bonsucro for a sustainable sugarcane supply chain

9th July 2018

Group becomes the latest company to achieve Chain of Custody certification

Commodity traders around the world are increasingly pursuing Bonsucro’s Chain of Custody certification, and the latest addition to the list of certificates is the global soft commodities trader Sucden, following an audit by Control Union.

Sucden, founded in 1952, trades on the world’s major exchanges in a wide range of products and services including sugar, coffee, cocoa, ethanol, ocean freight and futures/options brokerage. In support to these activities, the company is also active in agriculture and sourcing, processing, logistics, distribution, merchandising, financing, research and risk management.

Thierry Songeur, President & CEO at Sucden Americas, explained why Sucden initially decided to go for certification. “Bonsucro certification is part of Sucden’s overall CSR and sustainability objectives. We are seeing an increasing demand from end buyers and industrials for Bonsucro certified sugars. The market is also seeing an increased offering from producers of Bonsucro certified sugars. We’ve reached a point where Bonsucro certification has become both a need and an opportunity and can position Sucden in the Bonsucro supply chain environment.”

According to Thierry, Sucden recognises that its long-term success depends on the growth and sustainability of its business as a whole. “Reflecting this, the company commits to the responsible care of its employees, its clients, its suppliers and partners. Bonsucro’s vision of a sugarcane sector with thriving, sustainable producer communities and resilient, assured supply chains is fully consistent with Sucden’s ambition of partnering with producers that create lasting values for people and eco-systems at origins.”

To obtain certification, Sucden focused on adapting management tools to Bonsucro requirements. “The certification process has greatly enhanced our company’s understanding and awareness of Bonsucro objectives and benefits in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. The Bonsucro Standard and established principles did create an opportunity to enhance relationships with Bonsucro certified producers.”

To Sucden, Bonsucro forms a core part of their sustainable strategy for sugar sourcing: “Bonsucro certification is very valuable for Sucden”, explained Thierry. “Over the last two years Sucden has developed a very active Corporate Social Responsibility policy. The Bonsucro Chain of Custody certification is a direct contribution to this commitment. Bonsucro certification matches with our ambition to combine commercial success with business ethics, social responsibility as well as with a commitment to environmental protection. We are proud to achieve Bonsucro certification as an official confirmation of our commitment and practices.”

“Bonsucro has been very active and successful in convincing sugar producers of the certification benefits. We feel there is still a lot to do with industrial end users who need to expand their Bonsucro requirements. Along with Bonsucro, Sucden will actively promote the certification towards our suppliers, customers, and business partners.”

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