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Watcharin’s Story

In the sugarcane fields of Chonnoi, Saraburi province, 54-year-old Watcharin Banthat-thiang is busy preparing to apply biofertiliser to his fields.

Rose’s Story

Former nurse Chiraphon ‘Rose’ Bhunpeng was one of Saraburi’s 26 smallholders to join the assessment undertaken by Saraburi Mill to achieve Smallholder Standard certification.

Empowering smallholder sugarcane farmers in Thailand

Smallholder farmers worldwide make a vital contribution to the products we consume, growing the raw materials for everything from food to clothing. Yet many smallholders live in poverty, lacking access to the knowledge, finance and resources they need to adopt sustainable practices, raise productivity, address working conditions or improve their livelihoods.

To help overcome these challenges in a way that benefits smallholders, Bonsucro introduced the Bonsucro Production Standard for Smallholder Farmers (Smallholder Standard) in 2018. We spoke to two smallholder farmers in Saraburi, Thailand, about how the Standard has helped them transform their farming practices.