Infinity Spirits, rum developer and supplier, awarded Bonsucro Chain of Custody certification

25th March 2022

Bonsucro is very excited to announce that Infinity Spirits has been certified against the Bonsucro Chain of Custody Standard. The bottling company creates rum brands that are sold in over 15 countries worldwide, located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Currently, Infinity Spirits produces 10 rum brands, including spiced, white, aged, and even premium single cask rums.

Infinity Spirits pursued Bonsucro certification after seeing the growing demand in the market for sustainability and transparency in the rum supply chain. Hein Smit, CEO of Infinity Spirits, remarked how, “consumers are more and more interested to know as much as possible about the rum they drink; where it is produced, how it is produced, how it is aged and how sustainably it is produced.” For this reason, Hein explained how the company “wanted to contribute to this need in our market”, and identified the Bonsucro certification scheme as the best fit to promote sustainable sugarcane in its trade around the world.

Hein is hopeful that this new Bonsucro certification will help to stimulate greater demand for sustainable sugarcane molasses in the rum supply chain. He explained how, as an independent bottler, Infinity Spirits purchases its rum through E&A Scheer – one of the worlds’ largest bulk rum blending companies. E&A Scheer currently buys rum from around 30 different distilleries. For this reason, he hopes that Infinity Spirits’ Bonsucro certification will encourage other distilleries who sell to E&A Scheer to also consider becoming Bonsucro certified. Discussing the potential for this knock-on effect in the industry, Hein expressed how:

“As one of the first bottled rums in the world with a Bonsucro certification, we feel it will motivate others to do the same. Possibly it will even push retailers to request it more and more from other rum brands too, and that will motivate rum distilleries to also become Bonsucro certified.”

Next steps in sustainability for Infinity Spirits

On the heels of this achievement, Infinity Spirits has plans to go even further with its sustainability initiatives. The company aims to evaluate and make improvements to its packaging, such as using lighter glass bottles, which are less harmful to the environment to both produce and transport.

At Bonsucro, we’re very excited to see what the future has in store for Infinity Spirits’ sustainability journey, and encouraged by the positive steps we are seeing in the rum industry towards sustainable production and processes.

If you are a rum bottler or distributor who would like to learn more about how you can benefit from Bonsucro certification, get in touch with our membership manager, Rafael Seixas, at