Complaining about Bonsucro – to a third party

Always consider if your allegation or complaint relates to a Bonsucro member or Certificate holder’ actions and whether options available for these would be better suited.

    • Reporting / Complaining to ISEAL

          • Bonsucro is ISEAL Code Compliant. Through their work, ISEAL explore ways to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of sustainability standards such as Bonsucro’s and identify opportunities for innovation that increases the uptake of credible standards.
          • As an ISEAL Community Member, Bonsucro is working to continually improve its system by taking part in ISEAL’s learning, collaboration and innovation activities.
          • If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a complaint to Bonsucro related to the operation of our system, you may bring the matter to the attention of ISEAL using the complaints submission form.

    • Contacting the European Commission

          • The renewable energy directive establishes an overall policy for the production and promotion of energy from renewable sources in the EU. Companies can show they comply with the sustainability criteria through national systems or so-called voluntary schemes recognised by the European Commission.
          • Bonsucro is an approved EU RED voluntary scheme and must comply with the European Commission requirements.
          • Should you wish to voice your concerns regarding Bonsucro’s implementation of EU RED, please contact: