Standard Revision Working Group meets in London

19th November 2019

This month, the Working Group that is responsible for the revision of Bonsucro’s Production Standard gathered in London for two days to discuss and develop amendments to the standard.

Bonsucro Sugarcane Sustainability Standards Revision

The Standard Revision Working Group is the primary assembly of experts and stakeholder representatives responsible for driving the revision of the Production Standard. It is made up of independent of specialists who are appointed to the group by the Technical Advisory Board.

Over two days, the group worked together to consolidate their research and thoughts around potential changes to the standard’s indicators. Many of the Working Group members have been part of advisory sessions held in local sugarcane industries across the world, and other technical research has been taking place for the revision. The feedback from these advisory sessions and the research was presented to the group to ensure that the revision takes into account a range of knowledge and expectations from our stakeholders around the globe.

This was the group’s final in-person meeting before the launch of the first draft of the Production Standard. The first draft will become available for comment in March 2020. We are very excited to see how it is taking shape; we believe that implementing its values will markedly improve the social and environmental conditions in the sugarcane sector.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our Working Group members who took the time to be part of these meetings, as well as those who contributed to our advisory sessions. We appreciate the effort that they continue to give, to ensure that the Production Standard remains the premier framework for sustainable sugarcane.

The notes from this meeting will be published on our website. For more information please contact