Podcast: Jason Glaser, CEO at La Isla Network, Reveals The Critical Basics For Sustainable Sugarcane

10th January 2019

Jason Glaser, CEO at La Isla Network and member of Bonsucro, discusses chronic kidney disease of undetermined causes (CKDu) amongst sugarcane workers with Ian Welsh in a recent Innovation Forum podcast.

In this podcast, Jason showcases how the Adelante initiative is working with Bonsucro to reduce chronic kidney disease (CKDu) in sugarcane workers in Nicaragua by making sure all workers have access to the basics including water, rest and shade whilst working in the fields. Jason and Ian discuss further challenges in sugarcane supply chains whilst highlighting how simple solutions can often be the most effective.

Listen to the podcast here.

We’re delighted to announce Jason Glaser will be speaking at Bonsucro Global Week 2019.

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