Pesticides Database Launched

16th November 2017

In collaboration with ISEAL & other ISEAL members, Bonsucro is pleased to support the launch of the IPM Coalition Pesticides Database, an online platform for learning what agrochemicals are banned and why.

This tool is important because it brings the PDF list of banned agrochemicals to life, now you can easily search for agro-chemicals (by active ingredient name and CAS number) and read more on why the chemical is considered highly hazardous, including risk of the chemical’s potential impact on the environment (bee toxicity) or on humans (e.g. carcinogenic substances).

The ISEAL IPM Coalition is made up of 9 organisations who aim to promote integrated pest management (IPM) and to reduce or eliminate the use of highly hazardous pesticides, Bonsucro is an active member of the group.

The Pesticides Database is a free, open platform where standards have joined together to make an easily searchable list.  Soon, the tool will also offer links to alternatives.  The Bonsucro Production Standard bans the use of hazardous chemicals (see which ones on the IPM Database) with a core indicator, requiring no use of banned agro-chemicals applied (Indicator 4.1.6).

If you have questions about the tool or requirements in the Production Standard, please contact