New digital tool enables Bonsucro members to map and assess supply chains

1st September 2021

Bonsucro has expanded its partnership with the technology platform, SupplyShift, to offer members a new supply chain mapping tool which launched on 1 September 2021.

Sugar Mapping is a brand-new tool that allows Bonsucro members to track and monitor their suppliers’ social and environmental sustainability measures at mill and farm levels. It can be used for both certified and non-certified sugarcane, ethanol, molasses, and bagasse supply chains.

The Sugar Mapping tool offers companies crucial insights into performance from every tier of the value chain and enables them to make informed choices about their sugarcane sourcing. It is available via Bonsucro Connect.

Bonsucro worked in close collaboration with buyer members and SupplyShift to develop the mapping tool. It was designed using our experience in sugarcane sustainability and SupplyShift’s technology to provide valuable data, analytics, and visualisations for sustainable sugarcane performance.

It complements Bonsucro certification and can also be used for non-certified sugarcane, ethanol, molasses, and bagasse supply chains. The Sugar Mapping tool offers companies crucial insights into performance along every tier of their value chains.

End users send the pre-designed questionnaire to their suppliers and can choose whether to focus on one tier or trace all the way back to sugarcane origins. The data collected from the questionnaire is presented on the Bonsucro Connect dashboard.

The dashboard provides insights on sugarcane suppliers’ environmental and social sustainability policies, practices and certifications. This assessment allows end users to identify gaps and risks then consider where suppliers might need guidance to improve. Overall, the tool is designed to drive change and create more resilient supply chains. It offers members useful and shareable metrics to inform their sustainability strategies, communications and ESG reporting.

Technology and digital innovations will have positive impacts in sugarcane supply chains, so it’s important to Bonsucro to work with partners to widen access to appropriate technologies. Sugar Mapping is a digital tool that will help to create value for members – in line with the new strategic plan.

“At Bonsucro, we’re always looking for new ways to enable the industry to make smart, sustainable sourcing decisions about sugarcane and its derivatives,” said Rafael Seixas, Membership Manager at Bonsucro. “Data is such an important piece of that decision making process for our members and selecting the right application to deliver that data is a critical step. We’re thrilled to offer the Sugar Mapping Tool through SupplyShift.”

Bonsucro has been working with SupplyShift since 2016 because of its proven software that offers valuable transparency in complex international supply chains. Other sustainability standards and important strategic partners for Bonsucro such as RSPO and the Sustainability Consortium also use the SupplyShift platform. The team at Bonsucro has worked hard to develop the tool to ensure that it offers the most useful and comprehensive data.

Jamie Barsimantov, co-founder and COO of SupplyShift said, “The new tool will make sugar mapping and assessment much more efficient, so companies can focus their efforts on addressing the highest priority issues and suppliers in their supply chain. Bonsucro is the leading organization for driving sustainability in the sugar sector and we’re honoured to have a close partnership.”

To find out more, download a summary of the Sugar Mapping tool, or contact our Membership Manager, Rafael Seixas.