Bonsucro certifies its twelfth sugarcane mill in Thailand

18th December 2019

Mitr Kasetr Uthaithani is the twelfth sugarcane mill in Thailand to become certified to the Bonsucro standard. The partnership demonstrates a commitment to developing a sustainability strategy towards improving the mill’s business model to address economic, social and environmental issues.

Using Bonsucro’s Standards, mills and farms around the world are able to improve their production and processing of sugarcane, and by achieving the Bonsucro Certification they can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Thailand is the world’s second biggest sugar exporter after Brazil, making Mitr Kasetr Uthaithani’s certification an important milestone and example of a commitment to a sustainable future.

The Bonsucro certification is aligned with Mitr Kasetr Uthaithani’s target to create long-lasting self-sustainable growth in its supply chain. The mill aims to benefit many beyond its farmers, and is already considering its social and environmental responsibility and the next steps forward.

“Through the Bonsucro’s Certification process, Mitr Kasetre Uthaithani has gained more awareness about our social and environmental responsibility as a sugarcane mill. The Bonsucro Calculator highlighted new guidelines which we can work with, including a new management model which will make our supply chain more transparent.” – Mr. Prayoon Jenlapwattanakul (Chairman)

Mr. Prayoon Jenlapwattanakul emphasizes that the company’s next step is to raise the awareness of farmers on why Bonsucro’s Standards are important, and how it will improve its mill, farm, and the environment. Mit Kasetr Uthaithani wants to set more sustainability targets in stone and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

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