In 2012, Unilever purchased its first ever Bonsucro sustainable sugar credits in Brazil, and has become the first ever Bonsucro member to obtain these worldwide. Working with Usina Sao Joao, Unilever purchased the first 3262 tonnes of Bonsucro sustainable sugar credits in Brazil when the credit platform opened for business in December 2012. While Unilever is not a major player in the global sugar cane stakes, accounting for just 0.26% of the market, the credit purchase highlighted Unilever’s commitment to reducing the environmental and social impacts of sugar cane production. View press release Unilever will source all sugar, including cane sugar, sustainably by 2020. View USLP 2012 report Specifically in Brazil, by 2016, 100% of our cane sugar purchases will be certified by Bonsucro, with annual targets of 15 thousand (2013), 30 thousand (2014) and 40 thousand tonnes (2015). View Unilever Brazil sustainability report