Eid Parry India Ltd

Sugarcane farmers are one of our major stake holders and the company is taking all possible steps to increase the cane yield to improve their income. To safeguard the cane harvesting labours interest, insurance coverage, emergency medical facility and harvest wages payment are being are taken care off. To minimise the water usage for cane cultivation Micro irrigation is being encouraged and Biological control of pest management is followed to product the environment. Farmers are being continuously educated through a training programme and are being educated on new agriculture techniques. Company employees training calendar are to be in place to inculcate the Bonsucro Principle. Continuous steps are taken to install the drip irrigation in the farmer’s field for better water management. Parry mills command area Soil nutrient map is prepared through soil analysis and continuous steps are taken to improve the organic content of the soil. We have introduced a farmers acceptance selection scheme, whereby farmers are involved in the selection of varieties.