BP Biofuels UK Ltd

BP has been one of the early founders of Bonsucro (formally the Better Sugarcane Initiative). We have supported the development of the standard over 6 years, from early stakeholder engagements to final refinement of its 50 indicators. BP has been a member of BSI’s Steering Committee, and later a Board Member of Bonsucro, and actively engages with Bonsucro in a number of working groups. BP has also previously provided financial support to Bonsucro via a contribution to the Development Fund. We are privileged that James Primrose (BP Biofuels Strategy Manager) was recently elected as Bonsucro Chairman. Our Tropical Bioenergia mill and over 12,600 hectares of farming operations were certified under Bonsucro Standard in 2012. We are working towards and are committed to achieve certification for our other sugarcane assets and operations.