Member's Annual Report

Bonsucro’s Code of Conduct (clause 4.1) requires members to report annually to Bonsucro. This is an essential part of the obligations of a Bonsucro member company.

The Member’s Annual Report to Bonsucro consists of three mandatory parts:

1. The Code of Conduct Self-Assessment: A due diligence self-assessment that members complete to assess their compliance with Bonsucro’s Code of Conduct and alignment to the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This self-assessment is confidential and will not be disclosed.

2.The Continuous Improvement Report: A membership survey to communicate commitments and targets, describe continuous improvement in your sugarcane-related operations, and share learnings.

You can find the results of 2021 Continuous improvement report last year’s report here: here

3.Satisfaction survey: This year we have introduced a very short satisfaction survey to gather members’ feedback about their satisfaction with Bonsucro.

The Member’s Annual Report for 2022 needs to be submitted by 31st March 2022 (covering 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021).

Bonsucro will organise regional on-line sessions to support members in better understanding the Code of Conduct requirements and how to submit the report. The dates will be communicated soon.

How to submit your Member’s Annual Report

The submission MUST be done through Bonsucro Connect, our online platform:

This short video explains how to complete the report using Bonsucro Connect.

If you don’t have a Bonsucro Connect account please follow the steps detailed in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below:

NOTE: Members who have completed the Code of Conduct Self-Assessment in 2021 will be asked to update it, i.e., your previous answers will be pre-populated on the Member’s Annual Report survey, and you will only need to change your responses if there were changes of circumstances. If no changes were made, please click confirm on the relevant section. If you received improvement recommendations from Bonsucro, please provide information on how those have been addressed.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat/your account manager should you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to this URL and click Change language on the dropdown to suit your language. Then click HAVE AN ACCESS CODE? On this new page please then type in or paste the access code that was sent with the email from Bonsucro with the subject: Bonsucro Members Annual report 2022 (important). Follow the instructions to set up your Connect account.


Go to this URL and click Change language on the dropdown to suit your language. Then click forgot password and follow the instructions. On the next screen add your email address to receive a reset email from SupplyShift.  Please check your spam if you do not receive and email within 2 hours.


The report can be accessed via your own account on Bonsucro connect. Bonsucro connect can be found here: If you think you have an account but can’t remember your login details follow the instruction in FAQ 2. If you completed the report last year, the 2022 report will be sent to your account which can be accessed by using the same login credentials as before.

This short video explains how to complete the report using Bonsucro Connect

Yes. The Member Annual Report is a membership requirement as outlined in Bonsucro Code of Conduct (clause 4.1) and it is an essential part of obligations as a Bonsucro member. The reporting happens annually and members are required to submit their reports by 31st March of every year. For the self-assessment part (Legal Compliance and Respect for Human Rights sections), Bonsucro now provides a functionality that pre-populates member answers based on the 2021 ones, so members only have to update them based on any changes and upload any relevant evidence. The Continuous Improvement Report is covers a different period every year and for this year the report will need to cover the period 1 Jan – 31 Dec 2021

If the person who has left gave you the login credentials go here and login.  You will be taken to a dashboard. Click on responses and you will see last years and this year’s new survey.

If the person who has left did not give you the login credentials please contact stating your account and the person who completed the survey last year.

Submitted reports are saved in each member’s account on Bonsucro Connect and you will find the 2021 completed surveys in the responses section. For the self-assessment part specifically (Legal Compliance and Respect for Human Rights sections), Bonsucro now also provides a functionality that pre-populates member answers based on the 2021 ones, so members only have to update them based on any changes and upload any relevant evidence.

A Member Cohort is a group of related entities that become part of Bonsucro through a parent or related company as specified in the Bonsucro Code of Conduct Implementation Guide paragraph 2A. Where one entity in a Member Cohort is found to be in breach of the Code, any consequences apply to the membership of the entire Member Cohort. For the avoidance of doubt, “group” or “cohort” in this context does not refer to a corporate group. Related entity refers to an affiliate, for example a subsidiary, parent, part-owned JV/ partnership, etc. A company in a cohort cannot be completely outside the corporate group and generally the term “related entity” involves one entity having some control over the other entity, for example, by direct or indirect ownership, or that the entities are under common control, etc.

Bonsucro members must update their Code of Conduct self-assessment to account for companies entering or leaving their Membership Cohort, see Code of Conduct Implementation Guide, 2F.  If a Member wants to add or change their Member Cohort, they need to update the self-assessment form to account for the change and confirm that they have undertaken their due diligence and no corrective actions are required.

The Legal Compliance section is for members to disclose any relevant complaints issued or adverse findings by a court, or other judicial body, for each entity in membership/members cohort, in relation to their sugarcane production or sourcing supply chain. These should be either ongoing or within the last 6 years.  The issues/cases/complaints disclosed needs to be in relation to the issues covered by the Code of Conduct, which are Environmental compliance, Health & Safety, Labour rights, Discrimination, Planning & Licensing including land tenure and indigenous/community engagement, Privacy and data protection, and any other relevant issue that the member deems pertinent to Bonsucro’s Code. In the report in Bonsucro Connect you will find more details on the type of cases to be considered.  

You can download a copy of the survey (template) by clicking on section: Organisational Details, within the survey, and clicking on Import. Then click Get Template. This will download a template Unique to your organisation. Any answers from last year’s Code of Conduct assessment will be in the template

It is possible, within the Bonsucro Connect survey, to assign a colleague to answer specific indicators, using the Assign Answerer feature. This can be found to the right of the indicator text in the assessment. Full details on how to do this can be found in the SupplyShift help function.


Once submissions are received, the Bonsucro team will review the answers and provide feedback to the members where any further information might be needed or any actions need to be taken. For the Legal Compliance and Respect for Human Rights sections, the Bonsucro team will assess the answers against the Code of Conduct and using Bonsucro’s internal risk assessment to identify any follow up needed with the member in relation to compliance with the Code. For the Continuous Improvement Report, the Bonsucro team or a consultant appointed by Bonsucro will aggregate the results and produce a report similar to what done for 2021 (here – hyperlink if possible?). Please note that, due to the size of our organisation and capacity we have, the process can take a few months, but Bonsucro aims to provide feedback to members in relation to their submissions within 6 months.



The submission of Members Annual Reports is a requirement under Bonsucro Code of Conduct (clause 4.1). Bonsucro will do as much as possible to understand and work together with the member in addressing any barriers that might exists. However, this remains a Code requirement for continued membership, therefore should a member miss two years of reporting without reasonable justification, Bonsucro reserves the right to suspend their membership until a report is submitted or next steps agreed with Bonsucro. Should the member also miss the third year of reporting, Bonsucro will keep engaging with the member and, depending on the specific issues a member might face and/or their engagement in addressing those, Bonsucro reserves the right to warn the member that  termination of membership might be considered, should that be deemed an appropriate measure.

The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) is an instrument consisting of 31 principles implementing the United Nations’ (UN) “Protect, Respect and Remedy” framework on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises. The instrument can be found here