Help Launch the Bonsucro Production Standard Revision

16th April 2019

The Bonsucro Production Standard is at the heart of everything Bonsucro does. It sets out a definition of what sustainable cane production should look like, providing a comprehensive metric tool for sustainable farming and milling. We want to maximise the impact the Standard has on the future of the sugarcane sector and also enhance the value added for the producers who implement, use and comply with it.

That’s why we’re launching the latest revision of the Standard to ensure that it is still as robust, credible and comprehensive as possible.

Since the last revision of the Standard, in 2014, the field of sustainability has evolved a great deal. We have gained a greater understanding of the sustainability issues present in sugarcane production and processing, and what can be achieved with certification. Over this time we have also monitored the feedback on the Bonsucro Production Standard + Calculator, ranging from small (spelling or grammar mistakes in the Standard) all the way to the fundamental (indicators not being relevant or not going far enough). The objective of this Standard Revision is to capture all this information and priorities set by our stakeholders to bring them into the revised Standard.

Standard Revision Process

The Bonsucro Standard Development and Revision Procedure, based on the ISEAL Standard Setting Code, defines how a standard should be developed, structured and revised. It requires multi-stakeholder consultation and decision-making, and ensures clear and auditable conditions in the standard itself. The process will be driven by stakeholder led Standard Revision Working Group and supported by the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and the Members Council (MC).

> Standard Development and Revision Procedure

Revision Timeline

Get involved

> Take the Standard Revision Pre-Consultation Survey

The responses to this survey will form the initial basis on what the Standard Revision Working Group will focus on during the period of the Standard Revision.  All comments will be published online (anonymised) and we will provide an answer to comments.

This straightforward survey will take approximately around 20 minutes to complete.

Unfortunately there is no save function if you wish to complete the survey in several sessions. By clearly identifying your name you can submit a partial answer and then simply submit a new survey carrying on where you left off last time. Alternatively, you can also fill out the survey via the provided word document – find it here in English, Spanish, andPortuguese.

  • Start Date of Survey:  12/04/2019
  • Close date of the survey:   17/05/2019

Please note that this revision is only on the Bonsucro Production Standard and not, on the Production Standard for Smallholder Farmers. Once the revision for the Production Standard is complete, we will begin to work on the revision on the Production Standard for Smallholder Farmers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nahuel Tuñón on

Access the Survey


> Join the Standard Revision Working Group

The Standard Revision process will be driven by a small group of experts and stakeholder representatives – the Standard Revision Working Group (SRWG). This will be an independent group of experts (appointed by the Technical Advisory Board) that will develop, and decide on the revised Standard on a day-to-day basis. The SRWG will have the following responsibilities:

  • Approves the TOR
  • Discuss, make recommendation on development work
  • Analyze and consolidates inputs from stakeholders
  • Take decision on the content of the standard (indicator level)
  • Approves draft versions of Bonsucro Standards.

Composition: It is proposed that the Standard Revision Working group will be comprised of 9-12 members.  5-8 independent experts, 1 auditor or expert with auditing experience, 2 MC designated members and 1 TAB designated member.

Independent members: 5-8 experts will be selected for their technical proficiency and knowledge in either social, environmental, economic issues present in sugarcane. They are expected to be able to discuss and make recommendations on the content of the Standard, provide technical solutions and advice on the development of specific indicators, analyse and consolidate input from stakeholders and finally approve standard drafts. They represent themselves as individuals. Their organisation is expected to guarantee time to provide resources (time and travel) to support their role.

What we’re looking for: 

  • Understanding of Bonsucro and the environment in which the organisation operates;
  • Experience of working directly on the ground, implementing the Bonsucro Production Standard.
  • Proficiency in the issues related to sugarcane, and ability to propose innovative solutions.
  • Experience in similar revision processes (desired).
  • Balance between different geographies, expertise, stakeholder group (farmer, mill, NGO, buyer) expertise, (social, environmental, certification)
  • Excellent proficiency in English
  • Ability to dedicate an appropriate amount of time to the Working Group.
  • Attendance to Working Group meetings (both physical and web-based) and adequate preparation for meetings and discussions; –
    • Availability early July for the first in-person meeting.
  • Ability to listen to other points of view and go beyond individual and organisational perspectives in order to reach broad consensus on what is the best interest of Bonsucro

Nominations: If you are interested in joining the SRWG, please send your CV and cover letter to Nahuel Tuñón: